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Get to know some of Canada’s most inspiring pharmacy professionals! Our Pharmacy Check-in series features Q&As with everyday pharmacists, pharmacy students and those with specialized practices in areas like 2SLGBTQI-inclusive care, diabetes care, immunization and pharmacy practice research. The series also aims to amplify the diverse voices of pharmacy professionals working towards equity, inclusion and accessibility in pharmacy practice.


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Bradley Langford

Bradley Langford (he/him)
Toronto, ON

"While antimicrobials save millions of lives by treating and preventing infections, health-care professionals and patients tend to overestimate their benefits and underestimate their risks. Pharmacists play an important role in re-calibrating this risk vs. benefit assessment of antibiotic use and can help patients understand both the lack of benefit and the risks of an unnecessary prescription, including side effects, C. difficile infection and antimicrobial resistance, which can make future infections more difficult to treat."

Meet Brad


2SLGBTQI-Inclusive Care

Pharmacists play an essential role creating a safe pharmacy space and providing 2SLGBTQI+ patients with accessible, gender-affirming and inclusive care. We’ve checked in with several Canadian pharmacists to discuss how pharmacy professionals can provide and advocate for more inclusive care for the 2SLGBTQI+ community.

Learn more about 2SLGBTQI-inclusive pharmacy care from these pharmacists:

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Alex Hosein (they/them)
Kjipuktuk, Mi'kma'ki (Halifax, NS)

Meet Alex

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Tristan Lai (he/him)
Vancouver, BC

Meet Tristan

Greg Richard
Greg Richard (he/him)
Halifax, NS

Meet Greg

Roger Tam
Roger Tam (he/him)
Winnipeg, MB

Meet Roger

Alex Tang
Alex Tang (he/him)
Vancouver, BC

Meet Alex

Kyle Wilby
Kyle Wilby (he/him)
Halifax, NS

Meet Kyle

Rheya White
Rheya White (they/her)
St. John’s, NL

Meet Rheya


Diabetes Care

As the most accessible health-care provider, pharmacists play an important role in the prevention, screening and management of diabetes. We’ve checked in with a few Certified Diabetes Educators to discuss their pharmacy practices and how they help patients manage diabetes.

Learn more about diabetes care from these specialized pharmacists:

Susie Jin
Susie Jin (she/her)
Cobourg, ON

Meet Susie

Nafisa Merali
Nafisa Merali (she/her)
Vancouver, BC

Meet Nafisa

Esmond Wong
Esmond Wong (he/him)
Calgary, AB

Meet Esmond


Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Accessibility

From Black History Month and International Women’s Day to the experiences of international pharmacy graduates, the profiles in this section cover a range of themes related to diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility. We’ve checked in with several Canadian pharmacists to discuss providing inclusive and equitable pharmacy care for under-represented and equity-seeking populations.

Learn more about the pharmacists we’ve connected with in this area:

Helen Ali
Helen Ali (she/her)
Yellowknife, NT

Meet Helen

Christine Amoko
Christine Amoko (she/her)
Winnipeg, MB

Meet Christine

Areen Duqoum
Areen Duqoum (she/her)
Hamilton, ON

Meet Areen

Afomia Gebre
Afomia Gebre (she/her)
Ottawa, ON

Meet Afomia

Shams Qaend
Shams Qaend (she/her)
Toronto, ON

Meet Shams



From COVID-19 vaccines and flu shots to routine immunizations and travel vaccines, pharmacists across Canada are authorized to administer a broad range of vaccines. Pharmacists are highly trusted, accessible health-care providers who play a critical role raising public awareness about the importance of immunization and reaching patients in their communities.

Learn more from these immunization-specializing pharmacists:

Jaelee Guenther
Jaelee Guenther (she/her)
Shaunavon, SK

Meet Jaelee

Ajit Johal
Ajit Johal (he/him)
Vancouver, BC

Meet Ajit

Bob Mattice
Bob Mattice (he/him)
Cold Lake, AB

Meet Bob

Molly Yang
Molly Yang (she/her)
Markham, ON

Meet Molly


Indigenous Health

Intergenerational trauma, health-care disparities, and racism in all its forms continue to undermine the health of Indigenous patients and their trust in the health-care system. As a key entry point to our health system, the pharmacy community plays an essential role in implementing culturally safe, patient-centered care across Canada.

Learn more from these Indigenous pharmacy professionals:

Fanny Fiddler
Fanny Fiddler (she/her)
Barrie, ON

Meet Fanny

Kalbie Hokanson
Kalbie Hokanson (she/her)
Edmonton, AB

Meet Kalbie

Cassandra McLelland
Cassandra McLelland (she/her)
Brampton, ON

Meet Cassandra

Sasha Merasty
Sasha Merasty (she/her)
Saskatoon, SK

Meet Sasha

Jaris Swidrovich
Jaris Swidrovich (he/they)
Toronto, ON

Meet Jaris


Pharmacy Practice Research

Pharmacy practice research plays an important role in helping move pharmacy practice forward, particularly as we see pharmacist scope continue to expand across Canada.

Learn more about the following pharmacists and their research:

Yazid N Al Hamarneh
Yazid N Al Hamarneh (he/him)
Edmonton, AB

Meet Yazid


Pharmacy Students

The future of pharmacy is bright in Canada with so many strong student advocates and voices! We’re always blown away by the dedication and passion for pharmacy we see from pharmacy students each year.

Learn more about some of the pharmacy students who have recently completed placements with CPhA:

Alyssa Bouman
Alyssa Bouman (she/her)
Cleveland, NS

Meet Alyssa

Mirna Nasrah
Mirna Nasrah (she/her)
Montreal, QC

Meet Mirna

Lindsay Rodwell
Lindsay Rodwell (he/him)
Clinton, ON

Meet Lindsay

Robyn Locke
Robyn Locke (she/her)
Nelson, BC

Meet Robyn


Antimicrobial Resistance and Stewardship

Around the world, antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a major public health threat. We checked in with a few pharmacists on how pharmacists can make significant contributions in the fight against AMR.

Learn more from these pharmacists, who have made antimicrobial stewardship a focus in their careers:

Bradley Langford
Bradley Langford  (he/him)
Toronto, ON

Meet Bradley

Valerie Leung
Valerie Leung  (she/her)
Toronto, ON

Meet Valerie


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