Canadian Pharmacists Association
Canadian Pharmacists Association


Recognizing that we are stronger together, CPhA is proud to work closely with our provincial and national advocacy associations to speak as the unifying national voice for the profession of pharmacy. Delivering member value is the foundation of everything we do and guides our efforts as we advocate for pharmacists and advance the profession to enhance patient care.

Pharmacists and pharmacy students in Canada who belong to a CPhA Organizational Member or a member-based Organizational Affiliate automatically belong to CPhA as CPhA Associates. In order to access CPhA benefits, you must belong to one of these associations and you must register as an Associate on our website.

Organizational Members

The following associations are CPhA Organizational Members:

Representatives of these associations make up the majority of the CPhA Board of Directors.

*Pharmacists in Quebec who are ineligible to belong to AQPP can join CPhA directly for $99. Please contact Customer Service at

**BCPhA members must first login to the BCPhA website and proceed to the CPhA registration process from there.

Member-Based Organizational Affiliates

The following associations are recognized as member-based CPhA Organizational Affiliates:

These associations do not have a position on the CPhA Board of Directors, however their members belong to CPhA as Associates and have access to CPhA membership benefits.