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Canadian Pharmacists Association

Awards & Recognition

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CPhA’s Awards Program recognizes outstanding pharmacists in the following categories:

Canadian Pharmacist of the Year

The Canadian Pharmacist of the Year Award recognizes a pharmacist who demonstrates leadership and exemplifies the evolution of the pharmacy profession toward an expanded role in health care. The successful candidate brings respect to the profession by advancing the recognition of the pharmacist’s role in optimizing drug therapy outcomes for Canadians.

The award may be conferred on any CPhA Individual Associate or Affiliate. Only one Canadian Pharmacist of the Year Award may be granted in a given year; if there are no qualified candidates nominated in a particular year, the award will not be granted.

As of 2016 nominations for the Canadian Pharmacist of theYear Award are being accepted only through CPhA's Organizational Members.

CPhA Certificate of Recognition

The CPhA Certificate of Recognition is conferred on pharmacy groups (excluding pharmacies) or professional organizations, and in exceptional cases, an individual, to recognize outstanding service or contribution to the profession and the community. Anniversaries (50-year increments) or special occasions may be acknowledged.

Canadian Pharmacists Journal (CPJ) Best Paper of the Year Award

This award is given annually by the CPJ Editorial Advisory Board to the manuscript judged most likely to positively impact pharmacy practice and lead to better patient care.

Dean George A. Burbidge Award

Awarded to the student achieving the highest mark on the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada’s qualifying exams.

Centennial Leadership Award

In recognition of a CPhA student associate in the second to last year of a university program who has actively promoted the profession of pharmacy and his/her faculty and has achieved good academic standing.