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Pharmacy Workforce Wellness

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CPhA Pharmacy Workforce Wellness Initiative:

Canada’s first national pharmacy-based mental health and resilience campaign

CPhA launched the Pharmacy Workforce Wellness initiative to address the core causes driving stress and burnout in the profession, and identify solutions and strategies aimed at minimizing the impact of the pandemic and its effect on the pharmacy workforce.


92% of pharmacy professionals are at risk of burnout


The capacity of pharmacy teams has been stretched throughout the pandemic. With the high workloads and staffing challenges we are seeing pressures on our workforce like never before. Pharmacy teams have taken on a lot to help carry us through the pandemic and it has become clear that their unwavering commitment to meet the increased public demand for their knowledge and services has put their own wellness at risk.

“Canada’s pharmacy teams have proudly taken on a huge role in our pandemic response, they’ve remained a steadfast resource for their communities and have become a leading provider of COVID-19 vaccinations and guidance. But the unrelenting demands, coupled with added administrative burdens and staffing challenges have pushed us to a tipping point.”

Dr. Danielle Paes
Chief Pharmacist Officer

The current state of the pharmacy profession

CPhA launched the Canadian Pharmacy Mental Health and Workforce Wellness Survey in early 2022 to better understand the state of mental health and workforce wellness within the profession and help inform the next steps of the Pharmacy Workforce Wellness initiative.

The survey data revealed a concerning picture of the health of Canada’s pharmacy workforce after more than two years on the frontline of the pandemic:

1 in 5

1 in 5 consider their mental health and well-being to be 'good' or 'very good,' and almost all pharmacy professionals (92%) are at risk of burnout.


48% experience abuse or harassment from patients at least weekly.


52% of pharmacy professionals indicated that inadequate staffing is having a severe negative impact on their mental health and well-being.

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72% considered leaving their position (40%) or leaving the pharmacy profession entirely (32%) during the pandemic due to the impact of work on mental health and well-being.


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Kick-starting national conversation

Survey results were presented and discussed with the pharmacy community during the CPhA National Town Hall - Pharmacy at a crossroads: The state of mental health and workforce wellness for pharmacy professionals on May 3, 2022.

CPhA also hosted a live panel discussion with stakeholders from across the country at our national conference on June 11, 2022. The session Pharmacy Workforce Wellness: Securing the profession further explored key stressors, as well as emerging themes from the points raised by participants during the CPhA Town Hall.

Our Action Plan

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Mental Health and resilience campaign
Developing research, events, resources and a sector-wide action plan to support our pharmacy teams.

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Pharmacy workforce data
Building accurate, long-term data about the supply and demand for pharmacy professionals to support patient care in Canada.

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Building consensus
Bringing the pharmacy community together and collaborating with other health professions

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Using our strong voice to secure the long-term future of the profession and the sector as a key partner in health care.


What we are working on

Pharmacy Workforce Wellness Steering Committee

A multi-stakeholder steering committee with representatives from across the pharmacy community are helping to provide CPhA with guidance and direction to move the Pharmacy Workforce Initiative forward. Pharmacy workforce planning, supporting pharmacy professionals’ entry into practice and improving satisfaction and wellness within the pharmacy workforce are key areas of focus for the Steering Committee. Through the hard work and dedication of its members, CPhA is exploring opportunities to support International Pharmacy Graduates through the licensure process as well as new graduates as they enter the workforce.   

Pharmacy Workforce Planning 

CPhA and the New Brunswick Pharmacists’ Association (NBPA) have partnered on a pharmacy workforce planning study in New Brunswick. The goal of the study is to understand current pharmacy workforce and service capacity and use this baseline data to forecast future pharmacy workforce demand based on changing patient and population needs, scopes of practice and service delivery. The forecasting model will be completed in January 2023. 

Pharmacy Wellness Task Force

CPhA has established the Pharmacy Wellness Task Force to help identify solutions to improve the morale and mental health of the profession. This team of dedicated pharmacy professionals are exploring strategies and solutions to support the vision of a pharmacy community that values and promotes professional well-being.

Meet the Task Force


GET INVOLVED: CPhA is looking for front-line pharmacy professionals in every setting to support and contribute to our Pharmacy Workforce Wellness initiative. If you would like to learn more and/or get involved in these efforts, let us know.


The Pharmacy Workforce Wellness initiative is sponsored by:

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Partners: Your opportunity

We are looking for sector partners to support Canada’s first national pharmacy-based mental health and resilience campaign. Demonstrate your commitment to the mental health and well-being of the pharmacy teams that carried us through the pandemic and help shape the future of pharmacy.