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Pharmacy Workforce Issues

CPhA’s efforts to address pharmacy workforce challenges.


Through the Pharmacy Workforce Wellness Initiative and with guidance from our Pharmacy Workforce Steering Committee, CPhA is working to advance pharmacy workforce planning, improve satisfaction and wellness within the pharmacy workforce and support pharmacy professionals’ entry into practice. This includes exploring the barriers and opportunities to becoming licensed in Canada as an International Pharmacy Graduate (IPG). 

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Pharmacy Workforce Steering Committee

A multi-stakeholder steering committee with representatives from across the pharmacy community are helping to provide CPhA with guidance and direction to move the Pharmacy Workforce Initiative forward. 


Recent work


Pharmacy Workforce Planning

CPhA and the New Brunswick Pharmacists’ Association (NBPA) partnered on a pharmacy workforce planning study in New Brunswick. The goal of the study was to understand current pharmacy workforce and service capacity and use this baseline data to forecast future pharmacy workforce demand based on changing patient and population needs, scopes of practice and service delivery.

The results of the study reveal a concerning forecast for the pharmacy workforce in New Brunswick over the next 10 years. They show that the projected need for pharmacists and technicians, including both replacement and growth need, will far surpass projected supply. An executive summary provides key findings from the study and recommendations aimed at attracting and retaining pharmacy professionals in New Brunswick.

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International Pharmacy Graduates

In the spring of 2023, CPhA fielded a survey to better understand the experiences and challenges IPGs face throughout licensure in Canada. The survey findings provide insights into IPGs’ experiences, their journeys to licensure, supports they value most and their greatest challenges throughout the licensure process. CPhA also commissioned a research report that has helped to identify specific pain points within the IPG licensing process.

We look forward to presenting the results, engaging with the pharmacy community and working with our partners to better support IPGs' entry to practice.

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