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Canadian Pharmacists Journal (CPJ) Best Paper of the Year

Sherilyn K.D. Houle

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Herpes zoster and human papillomavirus vaccination opportunities identified using electronic prompts at the time of scheduling influenza or COVID-19 vaccines

The CPJ Best Paper of the Year award is given by the CPJ Editorial Board to the manuscript judged most likely to positively impact pharmacy practice and lead to better patient care.

This year’s CPJ Best Paper explores the potential to perform age-based vaccine screening using pharmacy appointment-scheduling software and the public’s willingness to engage with pharmacists in discussing other vaccination needs. This study by Dr. Sherilyn K.D. Houle and co-authors Mhd. Wasem Alsabbagh and Nancy M. Waite shows how using automated human papillomavirus and herpes zoster vaccine screening questions at the time of booking an appointment for influenza or COVID-19 vaccination online can support efforts to improve vaccination rates and protect patients against the morbidity and mortality associated with vaccine-preventable disease.