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Canadian Pharmacists Journal (CPJ) Best Paper of the Year

Dr. Cheryl Sadowski

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Practice guideline for pharmacists: The management of late-onset hypogonadism

The CPJ Best Paper of the Year award is given by the CPJ Editorial Board to the manuscript judged most likely to positively impact pharmacy practice and lead to better patient care.

This year’s CPJ Best Paper is a practice guideline that provides evidence-based recommendations to support pharmacists in managing testosterone therapy in men with late-onset hypogonadism. Dr. Cheryl Sadowski and co-authors (Aakriti Matai, Mariam Abdullahi, Nathan P. Beahm) highlight how pharmacists are uniquely positioned to screen for hypogonadism, address risk factors for the condition, initiate and counsel on lab testing in some provinces, and collaborate with primary care providers to manage treatment.