Canadian Pharmacists Association
Canadian Pharmacists Association

CPhA Centennial Leadership Award

In recognition of a student who has actively promoted the profession of pharmacy and his/her faculty and has achieved good academic standing.

Giordano Bua, University of British Columbia

Giordano Bua grew up in Coquitlam, BC. Attracted to pharmacy by the blend of patient care, business and innovation, Giordano has wanted to be a pharmacist since high school. He entered the pharmacy program at UBC following 3 years of an undergraduate degree focusing on biology with a minor in business. Throughout his education, Giordano has been involved in different volunteering groups, mainly supporting advocacy for students and mental health, including positions as vice-president academic with the Pharmacy Undergraduate Society, BCPhA student ambassador and co-founder of UBC Pharmacy’s Mental Health Task Force. He plans to create an interprofessional collaboration diabetes clinic in the future as he believes pharmacists are critical to the health-care team. Giordano loves exploring the outdoors, finding tasty vegan food and dogs (especially his Morkie, Ollie)! Meet Giordano and learn about his vision for the future of pharmacy.

Ayush Chadha, University of Alberta

Ayush Chadha was born in Moscow, Russia, and spent the first half of his childhood in various parts of the world, including St. Petersburg and Delhi, prior to moving to Canada in grade 4. What drew him to pharmacy was the close relationship many patients develop with their pharmacist and the opportunities to collaborate with other health-care professionals. As a pharmacy student, Ayush is passionate about advocating for the profession and social justice. He has been actively involved in leadership roles at the University of Alberta, including the position of CAPSI representative. He believes that pharmacy has undergone significant professional transformation over the last century and will continue to do so with the implementation of digital health. Given this changing landscape, Ayush believes that key qualities for pharmacists to have are resilience and adaptability. He looks forward to staying involved in the profession and continuing to move practice forward. Meet Ayush and hear his advice for those just starting their pharmacy journey.

Emily Zerr, University of Saskatchewan

Emily Zerr grew up in Lloydminster, AB, before heading to Saskatoon, SK, to pursue her pharmacy journey at the University of Saskatchewan. As a pharmacy student, Emily has held various leadership positions, including junior and senior representative for the Canadian Association of Pharmacy Students and Interns (CAPSI), and is involved in planning the Professional Development Week 2023. She is inspired by her peers and grateful for the connections she has made so far in her pharmacy career. She has had the opportunity to work in community setting and hopes to explore as many professional settings as possible before focusing her career on a particular practice. As a future trusted and accessible health-care professional, Emily will serve her community with pride and continue to advocate for change within the pharmacy profession. Meet Emily and hear her advice for those just starting their pharmacy journey.

Marianna Pozdirca, University of Manitoba

Marianna Pozdirca immigrated from Moldova to Winnipeg, MB, nearly 18 years ago. Seeing the disparities in access to medications and health care throughout her birth country sparked an interest in drug policy and access to pharmacist services. Marianna believes pharmacists play a vital role in both advising each patient’s unique health journey and advocating for wide, equitable access to medications and pharmacy care, including expanding scope of practice to match the full and impressive expertise pharmacists can share with their patients. Through her experience in regulation, politics and government, Marianna strives to contribute to person-centered and community-minded decisions. She views her future in pharmacy as an opportunity to bridge patient care, research and thoughtful policy making. Marianna is continually inspired by her local and national pharmacy community and looks forward to meeting new faces and collaborating in creative ways. Meet Marianna and find out what drew her to a career in pharmacy.

Kristina Miclat, University of Toronto

Kristina Miclat was born and raised in Windsor, ON, where she completed a chemistry degree before pursuing a PharmD in Toronto. Kristina was drawn to pharmacy because of her desire to educate others on improving health outcomes and on the accessibility of pharmacists within their communities. Kristina has a passion for advocating for the profession and has acted as the junior and senior CAPSI representative at UofT where she executed professional development and educational initiatives. Additionally, she was able to learn more about pharmacy advocacy through her internship at the Ontario Pharmacists Association. Kristina believes that the future of pharmacy will involve more opportunities for pharmacists to take on leadership roles in health care and make more clinically meaningful impacts on their patients, which will require pharmacists to be adaptable and outstanding communicators. Kristina is excited to embark on a career where she can dedicate herself to providing exceptional patient-centered care. Meet Kristina and find out what drew her to a career in pharmacy.

Celine Huab, University of Waterloo

Born in the Philippines, Celine Huab immigrated to Canada over 15 years ago, moving first to Toronto and settling in Mississauga, ON. She moved to Waterloo to pursue a Bachelor of Science, later beginning her PharmD at the University of Waterloo School of Pharmacy. As a student, Celine has held various leadership positions with the Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists and CAPSI. In 2020 she became the first Waterloo student to complete a placement in Moose Factory, an isolated community in Northern Ontario. There, she worked with First Nations patients and health-care providers, learning experientially about the value of cultural sensitivity in health care. This immersive experience fuelled her passion for providing culturally appropriate and patient-centred care for minority populations. With a strong focus on each patient’s personal story and historical influences on their health care, Celine is excited to continue advocating for patients to promote the provision of individualized, holistic care in pharmacy. Meet Celine and hear what she finds most exciting about starting a career in pharmacy.

Marc-Antoine Tourville, Université Laval

Born in Québec City, Marc-Antoine Tourville began working in a community pharmacy in a village next to his home at age 14. He was soon moved to the prescription laboratory, and he quickly realized that pharmacy was made for him. He completed 2 years in biomedical sciences and 1 year in nutrition before starting his undergraduate doctoral studies in pharmacy at Laval University. Since he began university and especially since he entered the pharmacy program, Marc-Antoine has been involved in numerous committees with his student association. He was elected president of the General Association of Pharmacy Students (AGEP) during the 2020-2021 academic year and was at the forefront during the deployment of Bill 31. One of his main objectives with AGEP has been advocating for the well-being of its members during this exceptional year. As a future pharmacist, Marc-Antoine wants to emphasize the importance of leadership and encourages his colleagues to be confident in the critical role they play in managing the health conditions of their patients and in optimizing their care. Meet Marc-Antoine and listen to his advice for those starting their pharmacy journey (in French).

Meriem Khatem, Université de Montréal

Originally from Morocco, Meriem Khatem headed towards pharmacy guided by her motivation and perseverance. Meriem got involved with her student association early in her pharmacy journey. In the first year, she organized the Career Day as corporate affairs officer and got elected president on yearthree. Getting involved in a time of pandemic is no small feat, but she has taken on the challenge of making the transition online. Wanting to make changes and represent the student community well, Meriem helped organize more inclusive events. She started a new committee with the aim of representing students from diverse backgrounds and raising students' awareness of racism and discrimination in society, especially in the health sector. She is proud of the pharmacy profession and of the future of pharmacy as it continues to evolve. Meet Meriem and find out what drew her to a career in pharmacy (in French).

Hannah Saunders, Dalhousie University

Hannah Saunders grew up in Florenceville-Bristol, NB. She was drawn to study pharmacy because it offered her an opportunity to develop her knowledge in science, while being able to engage with and care for patients in her community. Hannah is passionate about advocating for and advancing the profession of pharmacy. As Dalhousie’s former junior and senior CAPSI representative, Hannah has been able to develop her leadership skills and has been actively involved in representing her peers and promoting the role of pharmacists. Hannah has had an opportunity to work in both community and hospital pharmacy settings and has found the experiences very rewarding. Working alongside great role models has taught Hannah that it is important to be adaptable and resilient and to always put the patient first. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of pharmacists in providing accessible health care to patients. Upon graduation, Hannah is very excited to start a career in this ever-growing profession. Meet Hannah and hear her advice for those just starting their pharmacy journey.

Joseph McGraw, Memorial University

Originally from Moncton, NB, Joe McGraw completed a bachelor’s degree in medicinal chemistry at the University of New Brunswick Fredericton. Through his time there he discovered a love for understanding concepts at a fundamental level. This knowledge, combined with his passion for helping others, is what led him to pursue a career in pharmacy. Seeing how he can educate and help those in his community live better lives is what drives his passion for learning. Upon beginning his pharmacy degree at Memorial University, Joe wasted no time becoming an active member in the pharmacy world. He took many opportunities to advocate for his profession, including serving as the president of the pharmacy society, the student representative for the Pharmacists’ Association of Newfoundland and Labrador and working with local pharmacies. Joe was delighted to see how far the scope of pharmacy has progressed over the past several years and is eager to play a part in its continued expansion. Meet Joseph and listen to his advice for those just starting their pharmacy journey.