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Scope of Practice

Canada's pharmacists are doing more for their patients than ever before, but they continue to be an underutilized health-care resource in many parts of Canada.


What pharmacists can do across Canada

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Pharmacists’ scope of practice and services

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Pharmacist prescribing across Canada
Pharmacists in Canada have seen their prescribing powers expand significantly. Currently, all pharmacists across Canada have some level of prescribing authority but this varies by jurisdiction. This chart provides a detailed look at pharmacists’ prescribing authority in each jurisdiction.

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Vaccination and injection authority
From flu shots to routine immunizations and travel vaccines, pharmacies offer convenient access to vaccines and injections. This chart provides an overview of pharmacy professionals’ authority to inject drugs and vaccines across Canada.

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Controlled drugs and substances
During COVID-19, Health Canada issued temporary exemptions for prescriptions of controlled substances, which permit pharmacists to extend, transfer and accept verbal orders, and permit pharmacy employees to deliver prescriptions. This chart illustrates how these exemptions have been implemented across Canada.

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Publicly funded pharmacy services by province
Provincial governments recognize the value of investing in pharmacy services and many provinces now cover these services as part of their provincial drug plans. This chart provides an overview of public payment for pharmacy services in each province.


What CPhA is doing

CPhA has long advocated for the expanding role of pharmacists and over the past decade we have witnessed pharmacists' scope of practice expand across the country—but there is still much work to do to ensure that all pharmacists can practice to full scope, harmonized across all provinces.

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Practising to full scope

Harmonizing scope of practice across Canada.

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Opioids & the CDSA

Fully utilizing the role of pharmacists to provide safe opioid-related care to patients.

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Value of pharmacy

Evidence on expanding pharmacy services.


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