Canadian Pharmacists Association
Canadian Pharmacists Association

Value of Pharmacy

Pharmacists are an underutilized health-care resource in Canada. Expanding pharmacy services would improve the health of Canadians, improve access to health-care services in communities across the country and reduce costs to our health-care system.

Hypertension Care
Benefits of pharmacist care in hypertension management in Canada.

The Value of Expanded Pharmacy Services in Canada
A look at the health and economic impact of three services that are currently delivered within a community pharmacy setting—smoking cessation, advanced medication review for heart disease and pneumococcal vaccination.

Pharmacist Management of UTIs
Study of pharmacist prescribing and care in patients with uncomplicated urinary tract infections in the community.

Economic Footprint of Canada’s Community Pharmacy Sector
The community pharmacy sector generated more than $16 billion in economic activity and supported nearly 250,000 jobs in Canada in 2016, according to a series of reports by The Conference Board of Canada.