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The Indigenous Pharmacy Professionals of Canada (IPPC) is an Indigenous-led association that has been established to connect and support Indigenous pharmacy professionals and help all pharmacists provide better care to Indigenous patients by creating and promoting pharmacy practice models that respect the safety, equality, strengths and teachings of the Indigenous Peoples of Canada.


THE 2024-2025 Indigenous Pharmacy Scholarship application cycle is now open!

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CPhA is proud to support and collaborate with the Indigenous Pharmacy Professionals of Canada. To stay up to date on the latest from IPPC, please visit their new website at

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It's important for Indigenous pharmacy professionals in Canada to have a community that can lift us up and help us support one another, but also to collectively assist in effecting positive change. We understand the importance of the philosophy “nothing about us without us,” and we want to ensure that Indigenous engagement work in the pharmacy profession is Indigenous-led, anti-racist, anti-oppressive and culturally responsive.

Jaris SwidrovichDr. Jaris Swidrovich
BSP, PharmD, PhD(c), AAHIVP
Founder and Chair, IPPC

Amy LambAmy Lamb
Chief Executive Officer, IPPC


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Supporting Indigenous pharmacy

  • Creating a supportive community for Indigenous Pharmacy Professionals.
  • Outreach, education and scholarships to encourage and support Indigenous youth to pursue pharmacy careers.
  • Training, mentorship and promoting the recruitment and retention of Indigenous pharmacy professionals.
  • Building safe and inclusive workplaces for Indigenous pharmacy professionals.
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Improving pharmacy care

  • Identifying and addressing historical and ongoing policies, practices and racism contributing to health disparities in pharmacy.
  • Resources, training and education for all pharmacy professionals.
  • Building safe and inclusive spaces to provide safe, culturally safe and affirming care to Indigenous patients.

Get Involved

Many Indigenous pharmacy professionals are working across the country, and they are often the only Indigenous person in their setting and may not know or be aware of others.

If you are an Indigenous pharmacy professional or student in a pharmacy assistant, technician, undergraduate or graduate program in pharmacy and want to get involved and/or if you would like to be part of the growing list of Indigenous pharmacy professionals in Canada, please connect with IPPC at

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Support our work

The Indigenous Pharmacy Professionals of Canada is looking for funding to help support our important work, including the development of training materials and resources, mentorship opportunities and scholarships to support and grow the Indigenous pharmacy community and improve the pharmacy care provided to Indigenous patients.

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The IPPC would like to acknowledge generous sponsorship and support from:

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