Canadian Pharmacists Association
Canadian Pharmacists Association

Advocacy on drug shortages

CPhA’s advocacy activities related to drug shortages include the following:

  • During a high profile shortage of Ozempic that stabilized by early 2024, CPhA represented the profession in stakeholder meetings, participated in media interviews and developed clinical resources to support pharmacists. Throughout the shortage, CPhA continued to highlight the significant impact on front-line pharmacy professionals and the need for additional support. We also emphasized the challenges posed by 30-day supply recommendations with payers.
  • CPhA issued a statement to express its concern with US drug importation developments that could have a negative impact on Canada’s drug supply and expressed its concerns in dozens of media interviews. (January 2024)
  • CPhA launched the Pharmacy Virtual Advisory Team (PVAT) to help bring timely and ongoing feedback on the frontline realities of drug shortages to governments and other stakeholders (October 2023)
  • CPhA submitted a brief as part of the federal government’s consultation on improving access to drugs and other health products for people in Canada (August 2023)
  • Publication of drug shortage recommendations outlining actions the federal government should take to reduce the potential for and better prepare for future drug shortages (April 2023)
  • During recent high-profile shortages, CPhA worked closely with Health Canada and other stakeholders to advocate for pharmacists and produce a range of resources and tools for both pharmacists and patients. Shortages included children’s analgesics, antibiotics, specialty baby formula, and nitroglycerin spray.
  • Ongoing participation on Health Canada’s Multi-Stakeholder Steering Committee on Drug Shortages
  • Ongoing consultations with the federal government and House of Commons Standing Committee on Health to address and prevent drug shortages
  • National survey of community pharmacists on drug supply issues during COVID-19 (May 2020)
  • Advocacy to highlight the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on drug supply and the need for responsible allocation of medications (March 2020)
  • Collaboration with governments and other stakeholders along the supply chain to identify medications most at risk of shortages over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond (2020)
  • CPhA letter to Prime Minister on new government mandate (November 2019)
  • CPhA letter to Prime Minister on drug shortage concerns (August 2019)
  • Drug shortages survey of pharmacists (2018)
  • Abacus Data survey of Canadians on drug shortages (2018)
  • Advocacy efforts to enable pharmacists’ full scope of practice across Canada and appropriate remuneration for the improved mitigation of drug shortages
  • International summit held in Toronto, co-hosted by CPhA and FIP (2013)
  • Drug shortages survey of pharmacists (2010)