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Pharmacy Virtual Advisory Team

Help combat drug shortages and support strategic initiatives.


Join us! Front-line pharmacists needed to share real-time experiences

CPhA is developing a Pharmacy Virtual Advisory Team (PVAT) to help us bring timely and ongoing feedback on the realities of pharmacy practice to governments and other stakeholders, and to support our strategic initiatives. Initially focused on providing information regarding current drug shortage situations, this group will also be asked to provide feedback on a range of other relevant topics as they arise.

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Who we need

Front-line pharmacists in all practice settings who are willing to provide information and feedback on current drug shortages and other relevant topics.

What you'll do

Share your experiences with us. We’ll email you when we need a real-time look at what you’re seeing in your pharmacy, and all you need to do is respond. We’ll often be looking for quick turnaround times—usually within 24-48 hours. Some examples of requests you might receive include:

  • Rapid surveys asking about current availability of specific medications in your pharmacy
  • Short questionnaires seeking your thoughts on pharmacy practice issues and concerns, including but not limited to drug shortages, staffing, supply chain challenges, scope of practice, etc...
  • Feedback requests looking for your experiences with CPhA’s products, programs and resources

How often we'll email you

Frequency will vary! In times of an acute drug shortage (like last year’s ibuprofen and acetaminophen shortages) it could be once a week for a few weeks. In quieter times, it could be every other month or less. It will all depend on what’s happening. We know you’re busy, so while we don’t expect you to respond every time, we hope you’ll respond to at least 50% of the requests you receive.

Our work is only relevant if it supports you and your practice. Understanding what you’re experiencing on the frontlines means we are better informed when speaking with governments, stakeholders and decision makers when we are seeking to enact change and helps us direct our strategic initiatives and activities. More specifically, drug shortages are occurring with increasing frequency and intensity, and the ability to share real-time data means that we can respond more quickly to situations as they arise and mitigate others in advance.

Complete this short SIGN UP FORM to join. You will be able to remove yourself at any time. For additional information, please see the Pharmacy Virtual Advisory Team Terms of Reference.

Thank you for your collaboration on this important initiative.