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Addressing systemic bias and racism in our therapeutic content

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There is a long history of systemic racism and bias in health-care education and publications. As a leading publisher of drug and therapeutic information, the Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPhA) recognizes our responsibility and the role our content can play in ensuring equitable care.

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NEW CPS CHAPTER: Dermatological Considerations in Skin of Colour

With dozens of images and tips for patient assessment, this new chapter aims to address the underrepresentation of diversity in clinical education and literature concerning the diagnosis and treatment of dermatological conditions in individuals with skin of colour.

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Our commitment

As part of our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, CPhA’s editorial team has undertaken an extensive review of all CPhA clinical content in order to identify, assess and address instances of bias, racism or discrimination.

Our process

Critically assess all content referring to race/skin colour to validate claims or update content.

Source and add images representing conditions on a variety of skin tones.

Develop new content around the assessment of dermatologic conditions in all skin colours.

Establish and implement language to improve the descriptions of health conditions that are biased towards white skin.

Develop and implement language style guide to ensure inclusive language related to sexual orientation and gender identity.


Images – THEN and NOW

We have sourced and are in the process of adding images showing conditions in a variety of skin tones. This is an ongoing process to help ensure the reference images used by Canadian practitioners reflect the diversity of their patients.


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CTMA Page Now 1


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Future work and next steps

CPhA is committed to addressing systemic bias and racism in our content and will continue to seek input from the wide range of practitioners in Canada to better represent the patients we serve.

From continuous updates and additions to our content, to updated editorial policies and processes and regular reviews of our images and language for inclusivity, this is an ongoing process we are engaged in to ensure CPS continues to be the best possible clinical resource for Canadian practitioners.