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Canadian Pharmacists Association

CPS Integration

Provides direct access to CPS content within your clinical management system.

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CPS Integration Solution allows users to easily access critical healthcare information within their clinical management system. The solution can be seamlessly integrated, thus providing access to critical drug and therapeutic information directly from CPS to help reduce medication errors, ensure users have the latest evidence-based therapeutic information at the point of care, therefore improving patient outcomes.

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  • Ability to launch the full CPS application directly from the clinical management system (CMS) with single sign-on
  • DINs associated with Health Canada approved drug monographs
  • Health Canada Advisories, Warnings and Recalls are linked to the appropriate drug and automatically alerts the user
  • In-context CPS search results, based on search within clinical management system

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  • Improved efficiencies in health care practitioners’ workflows
  • Immediate access to critical drug and therapeutic information at the point of care
  • Reduces follow-up calls or appointments from physicians as critical information is available
  • CPS content is updated weekly, thus the most current drug and therapeutic information is available
  • Printable Information for the Patient handouts (drug monographs Part III and therapeutic conditions)
  • Limited development requirements from integrators
  • Fully bilingual

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