Canadian Pharmacists Association
Canadian Pharmacists Association

CPhA launches roadmap to support pharmacy profession with new strategic plan

After extensive engagement and consultation with pharmacists, students and other members of the pharmacy community, CPhA is excited to launch a new 3-year strategic plan that will address the challenges and opportunities facing Canadian pharmacy head on.

At the centre of this plan is a new but simple mission: "We are the national voice for every pharmacist, for all of pharmacy."

“A clear path forward has been directed by our community and our plan will address the major issues that are fundamental to the future of pharmacy in Canada,” says CPhA CEO Glen Doucet. The strategic plan is underpinned by 2 core pillars that will guide CPhA's efforts over the next 3 years:

Advocacy and Leadership

CPhA has a long history of being the leading national advocacy organization for pharmacists and pharmacy. We will continue to provide leadership and represent the profession, with a focus on:

  • Practising to full education: While a lot of progress has been made since the pandemic, we need to continue to advocate so that every pharmacist in Canada can practise to their full education. To achieve this, we are developing a visionary national reference standard that outlines what pharmacists are trained to do, setting the bar at the highest level for all provinces and territories.
  • Supporting a sustainable workforce: Recognizing the incredible pressures placed on pharmacy teams, we are focusing on several initiatives that will address issues of retention and recruitment in pharmacy and enhance the wellness of the profession.
  • Primary care: Although pharmacists have always been at the forefront of primary care in Canada, our goal is to reshape the public discourse on primary care, placing a spotlight on the central role of pharmacy practice and the new and innovative care models popping up across the country.
  • Addressing third-party payer policies: Safeguarding professional autonomy and patient choice are paramount. Working with the provincial advocacy associations, we are leading collaborative efforts to address third-party payer policies that negatively impact pharmacy practice and patient care.

Valued Solutions

Pharmacy practice is evolving faster than ever before, and our solutions are evolving with it. Our focus for the coming years includes:

  • Developing relevant products and services: We know our customers have diverse needs for our clinical content. Our teams of editors and developers are constantly looking for ways to adapt and create new products that are relevant and effective in supporting the evolving role of pharmacy teams and the health-care system.
  • Expanding clinical content: Using modern technologies and reskilling resources, we are expanding the reach of our trusted clinical content to ensure access to critical Canadian drug and therapeutic content that will enhance patient care.
  • Embracing agile product development: By implementing agile product development and fostering partnerships, we are constantly innovating and developing new solutions to better anticipate emerging challenges and provide solutions for pharmacists and the broader health-care community.

In addition to thorough discussions with board and organizational members, surveys with the frontline and several focus groups, CPhA also convened a Strategic Consultative Panel to review the plan with a focus on diversity and inclusion to ensure that the final result was truly reflective of the needs and priorities of the entire pharmacy community.

"It was crucial for us to engage with pharmacists at all levels and experiences, and their voices were instrumental in shaping this plan,” says Shawn Bugden, CPhA Chair. “The strong alignment we heard in our focus groups and through our surveys and discussions underscores the collective desire for CPhA to be a powerful advocate for the pharmacy profession."

“We hope you see yourself and your values reflected in our Strategic Plan,” adds Doucet. “We’re looking forward to collaborating and engaging with the entire profession to bring these issues to the forefront of our activities and to making a difference for all of pharmacy and the patients we serve.”

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