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Ozempic supply

The Ozempic 1 mg dose pen is currently in short supply due to overall global supply constraints and increased demand. This shortage is anticipated to continue through early October 2023 when a more stable product supply is expected.

Products impacted

Ozempic - 1mg pen

Actual shortage due to demand increase.

Estimated end date October 1, 2023
View shortage report.

In the short term, the manufacturer Novo Nordisk is encouraging pharmacists to limit refill prescriptions to a 30-day supply. They are encouraging patients to contact their pharmacy well in advance of running out of their current supply.

See Health Canada drug supply notice for more information: The supply and use of Ozempic

Resources for pharmacy professionals

CPhA has collaborated with medSask on resources to provide guidance for managing this shortage, which includes information about alternative therapies.

Last updated: September 13, 2023