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COVID-19 Awareness Resources

Information about what services pharmacists are offering across Canada, changes to their scope during the pandemic, and public information posters and handouts.

Pharmacists' Scope of Practice and Services

Prescribing and continuity of care

(Updated) Pharmacy involvement in COVID vaccination: This map provides an overview of the role pharmacy is playing in the COVID vaccine rollout across Canada. As the situation is evolving quickly, this chart is updated weekly. (July 6, 2021)


COVID-19 and Point of Care

COVID-19 Point-of-Care Testing: This graphic shows the role pharmacy can play or is playing in testing Canadians for COVID-19. (March 24, 2021)


Prescribing and continuity of care

Pharmacists' scope of practice during COVID-19: This chart shows what pharmacists are authorized to do across Canada to provide continuity of care and key pharmacy services to patients during COVID-19. (June 11, 2020)

COVID-19 and Controlled Drugs and Substances

COVID-19 and controlled drugs and substances: This chart shows how pharmacists have been enabled to better support patients who have been prescribed controlled drugs and substances during the COVID-19 pandemic. (June 12, 2020)

COVID-19 and pharmacy services

COVID-19 and pharmacy services: The following map shows where new services, remuneration for services and/or expanded scopes of practice have been implemented since or temporarily during the pandemic. (June 29, 2020)

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Video: A CPhA Explainer on what pharmacists want you to know about getting vaccinated at your pharmacy


Posters and handouts

Virus Poster thumbnail

Virus Poster: Top tips to prevent the spread of viruses.

Managing COVID-19 at Home

Patient handout: Managing COVID-19 at Home