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Pharmacy Management in Canada

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The Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy is proud to present a new all-Canadian textbook, authored and reviewed by experts with years of experience in pharmacy management: 56 contributing authors and 41 reviewers. This is the first Canadian pharmacy management textbook since 1998 and covers many more areas and in more depth.

Pharmacy Management in Canada is an excellent educational tool and reference guide for:

  • Pharmacy students
  • International Pharmacy Graduates
  • Practising pharmacists
  • Pharmacy owners and managers


  • Business Environment — the Canadian Pharmacy Landscape
  • Analysis and Planning
  • Leadership, Management, Entrepreneurship and Personal Effectiveness
  • Financial Management for Your Practice
  • Risk Management
  • Operations
  • Quality Control, Quality Assurance and Continuous Quality Improvement
  • Human Resources Management
  • Developing, Implementing and Managing Clinical Pharmacy Services
  • Organizational, Business and Professional Communications
  • Marketing, Promotion and Customer Service
  • Business Plans


Print: The Pharmacy Management in Canada print edition is familiar and reliable.

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The transformation of pharmacy practice is a tremendous opportunity for pharmacists to improve the accessibility of health services, drug therapies and patient counseling. This textbook represents a great resource for students and practising pharmacists as they continue their journey towards better business, better practice and better health.Andrew Parkes, President, Guardian and I.D.A. Drug Stores, Mckesson Canada

Pharmacy Management in Canada is an incredibily thorough look at the forces that affect pharmacists in Canada, as well as an in-depth discussion of factors to consider when operating a pharmacy. While an excellent resource for any pharmacist looking to own a pharmacy, this textbook is particularly useful for International Pharmacy Graduates in clarifying the many confusing aspects of operating a pharmacy in this country.Sandi Hutty, Coordinator, Canadian Pharmacy Practice Programme, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science, University of British Columbia

The current pharmacy market is an ever-changing one where profitability is thin and strictly linked to good business skills that require continuous analysis and operations planning. This textbook serves as a guide, covering the key topics and skills any pharmacy operator needs to run a vibrant and sustainable business.Ben Shenouda, Founder and Executive Director, Allied Pharmacists Inc.

We were pleased to see how the depth and breadth of content contained in this textbook aligned with our educational outcomes for first professional degree programs in Canada.Dr. Kerry Mansell, President, Association of Faculties of Pharmacy of Canada