Canadian Pharmacists Association
Canadian Pharmacists Association

Errata-Therapeutic Choices

Errors and their corrections for CPhA's Compendium of Therapeutic Choices.

CTC 2019

Correction in Chapter 4: Bipolar Disorder, p. 65

  • Table 5, under Third-line, asenapine should not appear. The correct list of drugs is:
    • aripiprazole plus lamotrigine
    • adjunctive clozapine
    • adjunctive gabapentin
    • olanzapine plus fluoxetine

Correction in Chapter 32: Diabetes Mellitus, p. 499

  • Table 8, for lixisenatide, dosage should read, “Initial: 0.01 mg once daily SC for 14 days; Increase to 0.02 mg once daily SC on day 15”

Correction in Chapter 38: Heart Failure, p. 599

  • Under Decompensated Heart Failure, the final sentence of the third paragraph should read, “According to current guidelines, some patients in a hypervolemic, hyponatremic state may benefit from the short-term use of the vasopressin antagonist tolvaptan to improve serum sodium concentration and cognitive symptoms.[2]

Correction in Chapter 63: Irritable Bowel Syndrome, p. 976

  • Table 4, for pinaverium, comments should read, “To minimize esophageal irritation, take with a glass of water and food, do not chew or crush, do not lie down after administration.”

CTC 2017

Correction in Chapter 38: Dyslipidemias, p. 538

  • Table 7 for cholestyramine, in Drug Interactions, it should read, “Administer other drugs 1 h before or 4-6 h after resin to limit possible reduced absorption in the GI tract.”