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Spring is in the air... And so are allergens!

CPS Full Access can help you help your patients manage their allergy symptoms
Congestion, rhinorrhea, sneezing, conjunctivitis, nasal and palatal pruritus – fancy names for common symptoms of allergies that can have an incredibly detrimental affect on the quality of life for our patients from spring through early fall.

Did you know that CPS Full Access offers a variety of information and suggestions that can help you help your patients manage their symptoms?

In addition to allergen-specific avoidance strategies that should be recommended to all patients (e.g., keeping windows/doors closed, setting air conditioning units to recirculate/indoor cycle and monitoring pollen counts), there are a range of treatment options that may be appropriate, including:

  • Initiating medication regimes 1-2 weeks before symptoms start for seasonal allergies where onset of symptoms can be predicted
  • Use of intranasal saline sprays and/or second-generation antihistamines for mild or infrequent symptoms
  • Use of regular or as-required inhaled corticosteroids (INCS) as first line therapy for moderate or severe symptoms

Check out the Allergic Rhinitis chapters in CPS Full Access (login required) or subscribe today to learn more about how you can help your patients manage their allergy symptoms so they can get out and smell the roses!