Canadian Pharmacists Association
Canadian Pharmacists Association

New resources for pharmacists to support sustainable blood glucose monitoring

CPhA has developed a new series of practice tools focused on appropriate testing frequency of blood glucose in type 2 diabetes patients. These resources aim to equip pharmacists with the knowledge to counsel patients and empower them to reduce medical waste and decrease the environmental impact of self-monitoring blood glucose supplies.

Integrating Choosing Wisely recommendations into practice

Funded by a grant from Choosing Wisely Canada, these resources aim to help pharmacists implement the Choosing Wisely recommendation: "Don’t recommend routine or multiple daily self-glucose monitoring in adults with stable type 2 diabetes on agents that do not cause hypoglycemia."

Resource toolkit development

CPhA conducted a national survey in order to assess pharmacists’ ability and confidence in counseling patients on blood glucose testing and identify knowledge gaps.

Based on the survey results, a resource toolkit was developed to be easily accessible and integrated into practice, including an algorithm to guide personalized testing frequencies for patients, quick reference infographic and two animated videos based on patient-case scenarios.

By helping address the overuse of medications and tests, pharmacists can play a crucial role in reducing unnecessary interventions and mitigating health-care related environmental impact.

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