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New patient resource now available: Medication Emergency Preparedness

Natural disasters pose unique challenges to the practice of pharmacy, as they can disrupt essential health-care services and access to medications. During such events, pharmacists play a crucial role in ensuring the continuity of patient care. Not having access to medications can be a source of anxiety or even a life-threatening situation for many Canadians if they are unprepared.

CPhA has developed a new patient resource to help pharmacists discuss emergency preparedness with their patients. Including a medication checklist, grab & go medication bag content list and a table to track current medications, these resources can help your patients prepare for an emergency before it happens!


Emergency Preparedness - Medications (EN) thumbnaill

Patient handout (English)
Preparing for emergencies


Se préparer aux urgences - médications

Document pour les patients (Français)
Se préparer aux urgences