Canadian Pharmacists Association
Canadian Pharmacists Association

Budget 2021

April 19, 2021

The Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPhA) welcomes several health-care investments announced in today’s federal budget that we believe are essential to the health of our patients and the communities that we support across the country, including:

  • Investments to further address the threat of antimicrobial resistance
  • Additional funds and support to address the opioid crisis, specifically around harm reduction, treatment and prevention at the community level
  • Funding to ensure Indigenous peoples receive culturally appropriate, high-quality, and safe health-care services
  • Action to foster health systems free from racism and discrimination

Given the significant mental health impact the pandemic has had over the past year, CPhA is also pleased to see a comprehensive range of measures and investments in the budget to support the mental well-being of Canadians and expand mental health services.

As we continue to battle the most significant pandemic of our lifetime, we are pleased to see a number of COVID-related commitments; however, what we have learned this past year is the importance of forward-looking pandemic planning. We believe this budget would have been a good opportunity to strengthen Canada’s approach to pandemic preparedness and we urge the federal government to target future investments in this critical area.

COVID-19 has put a spotlight on many of our health-care institutions. We welcome targeted federal investments in areas such as long-term care and a one-time top-up to assist provinces and territories that will ensure that Canadians have access to the procedures and treatments they need to stay healthy. Longer term increases in health transfers are essential to meeting the needs of Canadians and we strongly urge the federal government to make this a priority as part of their ongoing discussions with provinces and territories.

About the Canadian Pharmacists Association

The Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPhA) is the uniting national voice of pharmacy and the pharmacist profession in Canada. As pharmacists undertake an enhanced role in the delivery of health care, CPhA ensures that the profession is recognized as a national leader in health care, influencing the policies, programs, budgets and initiatives affecting the profession and the health of Canadians.