Canadian Pharmacists Association
Canadian Pharmacists Association

CPS Notifications

CPS Notifications is a library for manufacturer-developed, clinically relevant information on drug products coming to, or currently available on the Canadian market. Messages from manufacturers are saved in a searchable database and attached to the product’s monograph for easy access when using CPS.

CPS Notifications provides key information on drug products from manufacturers, including:

  • New product information
  • Changes or updates to products
  • Alerts or shortages
  • Products coming soon
  • Formulary updates
  • On market
  • Product transition
  • Change in supplier
  • Label change

Using CPS Notifications can improve patient care by providing easy access to pharmaceutical product updates that are critical to the continuity of care for patients. Users can sign up to receive email alerts when new notices are released, a weekly summary, or when critical messages (including recalls, shortages, discontinued, safety information, medical device update) are posted.

How to access CPS Notifications:
CPS subscribers have access to this service from the homepage within their subscription.