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Canadian Pharmacists Association
Canadian Pharmacists Association
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Women In Pharmacy Empowerment Panels

The recordings for our Women in Pharmacy Leadership Empowerment Panels are now available. Sponsored by Shoppers Drug Mart and Amgen Canada, these sessions will give you the opportunity to hear from pharmacy leaders across the country, helping you to engage, connect and lead as you advance your career. We were pleased to continue our conversations from last year’s Summit with these panels, which explored inequities and barriers faced by women in pharmacy as well as offered critical insights, strategies and skills to help you succeed.

Who should watch these recordings?

Anyone interested in promoting gender equality and diversity within the profession of pharmacy should view these recordings. No matter what stage you’re at in your career, or where you work, or even your gender, the Women in Pharmacy Leadership initiative aims to better understand the barriers women face and help us connect with one another so we can work together to identify possible solutions that will lead to better representation of women in leadership positions.

What would you like to talk about next?

Please let us know here if you have any suggestions for future panel discussions.

Hidden burdens: The impacts of COVID-19 on women in pharmacy

Social capital: Strategic networking for women in leadership

Hidden burdens: The impacts of COVID-19 on women in pharmacy


Kelly Grindrod, PharmD, MSc, Ontario College of Pharmacists Professor in Pharmacy, Innovation and Associate Professor, University of Waterloo School of Pharmacy (ON)
Ashley Davidson, BSc. Pharm, RPh., APA, Associate Owner, Shoppers Drug Mart (AB)
Aska Patel, PharmD., Bsc. Pharm., RPh. Consultant Pharmacist, Central West LHIN (ON)
Geneviève Pelletier, B Pharm, Director, External Affairs, Association québécoise des pharmaciens propriétaires (QC)
Pawandeep Sidhu, BSc. Pharm., Program Manager, Mount Carmel Clinic and President, Pharmacists Manitoba (MB)

It's no secret that COVID-19 has turned our world upside-down. Globally, countries with female leaders have fared especially well in their response to the pandemic and many of Canada's own public health leaders have been women. At the same time, women around the world have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic, often in more precarious employment, and bearing the weight of additional family responsibilities that have arisen due to COVID-19. With women dominating the profession of pharmacy in Canada and around the world, and the essential role that pharmacists played during the pandemic, there is an opportunity to reflect on some of the challenges and opportunities that may have arisen.

This session features a diverse panel of women discussing their experiences during the pandemic. We explored some of the unique situations they’ve faced and some of the ways they’ve worked through those situations. We also discussed some of the increased roles and responsibilities women have taken on both at work and at home, and the immediate and future impact that the pandemic may have on women within the pharmacy profession.

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Social capital: Strategic networking for women in leadership


Amy Oliver, MBA, BScPh, RPh, PMP, CLC, Principal Consultant, Amy Oliver & Co.
Christine Hrudka, BSP, ICD.D, Chair, Canadian Pharmacists Association
Kimberly Schroeder, Senior Manager, Strategic Pharmacy Relations, Amgen
Naushin Hooda, B Pharm, RPh, PharmD, Critical Care Pharmacist, Mackenzie Health Hospital
Sherif Guorgui, R.Ph., B.Sc. Phm., co-CEO/Chief Strategy, Stakeholder & GR Officer, OnPharm-United

Networks, formal and informal, have long been an important resource in one’s career progression. They provide safe space to share experiences and opportunities to learn from people who have walked the same path. For women, networks of peers can be an essential element of success; however, they can seem difficult to develop.

Amy Oliver, health care executive, consultant and leadership coach with Amy Oliver & Co. kicked off this session with an exploration of the gendered aspects, practice and organizational culture factors that support or inhibit gender equity at all levels of health care. She will present individual and organizational strategies to help women build and leverage external networks in their leadership development, and will highlight ways to help organizations change to be a better fit for women, rather than expecting women to fit in.

The presentation was followed by a discussion where panellists shared some of their own experiences with networking and how those opportunities have made a difference in their lives and careers. The panel highlighted some successful networking programs shared tips on how to create and maintain networks for yourself and your organization.

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