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The COVID Conversations

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Veuillez noter que tous ces programmes sont uniquement proposés en anglais

The COVID Conversations is CPhA’s open access webinar series designed to support pharmacists during the COVID-19 pandemic. View the recordings of our recent COVID Conversations webinars below.

Recording Library

The Role of Pharmacy in Public and Population Health (May 20, 2020)



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What is the role pharmacy can or should play in overall public and population health? Leading pharmacist experts in public health and community pharmacy owners on the front lines in both Canada and the United States reviewed some of the pros and cons of pharmacists providing public health services such as immunizations and point-of-care testing, with a particular emphasis on the debate surrounding the role of pharmacy in testing for COVID-19. Host Shelita Dattani spoke with Michael Hogue, president, American Pharmacists Association; Nancy Waite, professor and associate director clinical education, University of Waterloo; Beth Bryan, pharmacist and owner, Surgoinsville Pharmacy (USA); and Kristen Watt, pharmacist and owner, Kristen’s Pharmacy.

Opioid Stewardship Under the New CDSA Exemptions (May 7, 2020)



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Under the recently issued Section 56 exemptions to the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA), pharmacists are now authorized to extend, renew, adapt, transfer and deliver opioid-related prescriptions (subject to provincial legislation, regulations and regulatory guidance). How can these exemptions support continuity of care and daily practice? Host Shelita Dattani spoke with Kelly Grindrod, Pharmacy Professor at University of Waterloo (ON); Angela Sheasgreen, Pharmacy Manager at Elsipogtog Pharmasave (NB) ; Lisa Bishop, Associate Professor at School of Pharmacy, Memorial University of Newfoundland (NL); and Mona Kwong, Pharmacy Advisor and Director at Pharmacy Addictions Fellowship Program, BC Centre on Substance Use (BC) to get a pan-Canadian perspective on what these exemptions mean for pharmacists in their role as opioid stewards.

COVID-19 and the Global Experience (April 28, 2020)



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Pharmacy staff are on the front lines of the global COVID-19 pandemic, continuing to provide exceptional care to their patients. Host Shelita Dattani spoke with a panel of international pharmacy leaders and practising pharmacists about the realities of providing pharmacy care in a crisis situation. Panelists (in order of appearance on your screen) included Sham Moodley, Chair of the Independent Community Pharmacy Association (South Africa), Raj Patel, Chief Executive at Hollowood Chemists Limited (United Kingdom), Jaime Acosta-Gómez, Community Pharmacist at Acosta Pharmacy (Spain) and Sonia Ruiz Morán, Director of International Affairs at General Pharmaceutical Council of Spain (Spain)

NOTE: Due to some technical difficulties, only audio (and not video) is available for most of these recordings.

Supporting Pharmacists’ Mental Health and Wellness (April 22, 2020)



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All front-line health care providers are at increased risk of moral injury when dealing with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Pharmacists and their teams may be struggling with maintaining mental health and wellness while caring for their patients during this time. Host Shelita Dattani spoke with pharmacists and mental health experts Jean-François Desgagné (Pharmacie Desgagné et Martin), Anita Gupta (Clinical, Health & Rehabilitation Psychologist), Heather Scarlett-Ferguson (Alberta Pharmacists' Association) and Karen Wong (Hospital for Sick Children) about strategies and tips to support pharmacy teams during the pandemic.

Day In the Life of Community Pharmacists During COVID-19: Stories from the Front Line (April 14, 2020)



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For our 4th COVID Conversations webinar host Shelita Dattani spoke with a panel of front-line pharmacists across the country, sharing their stories about how daily practice and patient care has changed in community pharmacy during COVID-19. Speakers included Christina Tulk (Shoppers Drug Mart), Kimberly Sentes (Towers Pharmacy (PharmaChoice)) and Sukhpreet Poonia (Community Apothecary/Langley Memorial Hospital).

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Suggested Best Practices for Pharmacies During the COVID-19 Pandemic (April 2, 2020)



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In our third COVID Conversations webinar, CPhA’s Shelita Dattani was joined by Kamran Nisar from PharmaChoice Canada, Christina Adams from the Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists (CSHP), Karey Shuhendler from the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) and Glenn Rodrigues from the Pharmacy Association of Nova Scotia (PANS) to share best practices for using PPE to protect community pharmacy staff during the pandemic.

Managing COVID-19 Day-to-Day: More Answers to Pharmacists’ FAQs. (March 23, 2020)



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As a follow-up to our March 11 COVID-19 FAQ webinar, CPhA brought together McKesson Canada’s Smita Patil, University of Waterloo pharmacy professor Kelly Grindrod, and Pharmasave’s Annette Robinson to answer your latest questions on managing day-to-day during a pandemic.

What Pharmacists Need To Know About COVID-19 (March 11, 2020)


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CPhA and PEIPhA co-hosted a Q&A session featuring Dr. Heather Morrison (Chief Public Health Officer, PEI) and Dr. Gregory German (medical microbiologist and infectious disease consultant) help separate myth from fact and answer your COVID-19 questions.