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Canadian Pharmacists Association
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Lab Tests

Ordering, Monitoring and Interpreting Lab Tests to Optimize Medication Management
(12.75 CEUs)

Think you’re ready for lab tests? Take our quiz and find out!

This self-directed online continuing education certificate program teaches you how to use lab tests to guide therapeutic choices and make better decisions for patient care. Supplemented by case studies, the course is designed as a practical program to quickly bring pharmacists up-to-speed on lab tests.

Pharmacists in some provinces are gaining the regulatory authority to order laboratory tests, one of the key components of comprehensive medication management and chronic disease management. However, there are gaps in pharmacists’ knowledge, skills and confidence to effectively carry out this service. In addition to providing background on overall principles, Lab Tests highlights the main lab results that illustrate the need for, or are affected by drug therapy. Supplemented by case studies, the course is designed as a practical program to quickly bring pharmacists up-to-speed in ordering and monitoring lab results.

Program Outline and Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this continuing education certificate course you will be able to:

  • Define basic terms describing aspects of laboratory testing such as specificity, sensitivity, precision, etc. 
  • Become familiar with common lab tests looking at electrolytes, kidney function, liver function, endocrine and lipids, and hematology.
  • Identify situations in which a lab test would be a reasonable step to monitor a patient without causing undue burden on the patient or the health care system.
  • Determine if lab values are within a reference range.
  • Identify drugs that could be contributing to abnormal lab results.
  • Identify the expected outcome of initiating medications on lab results.
  • Use lab results to guide therapeutic choices.
  • Be aware of how the assessment of lab values can enhance the provision of expanded scope services such as medication reviews, pharmaceutical opinions and prescription adaptation.

Modules include:

  • Module 1: Basic Skills in Interpreting Laboratory Tests (1.5 CEUs)
  • Module 2: Electrolyte Tests (1.5 CEUs)
  • Module 3: Kidney Function Tests (2.0 CEUs)
  • Module 4: Liver Function Tests (1.75 CEUs)
  • Module 5: Endocrinology and Lipid Tests (3.0 CEUs)
  • Module 6: Hematology Tests (2.0 CEUs)
  • Module 7: Putting It All Together (1.0 CEUs)

Accreditation and Completion Requirements

This modular continuing education certificate program is accredited under file #8002-2018-2439-I-P for 12.75 CEUs by the Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPhA), a CCCEP-approved accredited provider. To earn the Statement of Completion and CEUs for each module, participants must earn a score of 70% or more on each self-assessment quiz for that module. You will have up to three attempts at each quiz.

Module 7 is a summative module. You must complete and pass the self-assessment quiz for Modules 1 to 6  before you will be permitted to attempt the final summative self-assessment in Module 7. Earning a passing score of 70% or more on Module 7 will earn you the Continuing Education Certificate in Ordering, Monitoring and Interpreting Lab Tests.

Participants who complete and pass the entire program may state that they hold a Continuing Education Certificate in Ordering, Monitoring and Interpreting Lab Tests to Optimize Medication Management.

The program certificates do not provide participants with professional certification credentials.

The current CCCEP accreditation expires on June 2019. CPhA will renew the program accreditation at that time. Please note: in no way does this affect program participants. It is just our way of ensuring our programs have the most current and accurate information available. Please feel free to register at any time, regardless of the accreditation expiry date.

System Requirements

This is a computer-based online course and operates on the UW LEARN platform. You will need:

  • A desktop or laptop/notebook computer; the course is not optimized for tablets or smartphones
  • High-speed Internet access
  • Recommended Internet browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer 9, Safari
  • Soundcard and speakers or headphones
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Adobe Flash

For more information run a test of your computer system.

Supplementary Tools and Resources

Get a taste of the topic by watching a recorded supplementary webinar Using Lab Values to Support Medication Management (part of CPhA's ongoing Pharmacy Practice Webinar Series; unaccredited).