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About CPhA

The pharmacy profession and health care in general are changing, creating new opportunities for pharmacists to focus on providing better patient care. Since 1907 our national, non-profit organization has charted the course through many developments in pharmacy, and continues to be the national voice of Canadian pharmacists.

Welcome to the new CPhA


Our Mission

Advancing the health and well-being of Canadians through excellence in pharmacist care.

Our Vision

Pharmacists providing world-class pharmacy leadership.

How CPhA Helps Pharmacists

We help pharmacists and achieve our mission and vision by collaborating with our member organizations, pharmacists and key stakeholders through:

  • Speaking as the national voice for the profession.
  • Leading practice advancement to enable pharmacists to utilize the full extent of their knowledge and skills in providing health care.
  • Protecting the safety, security and integrity of the medication system through the development of and participation in medication safety and quality improvement initiatives.
  • Supporting pharmacists in providing medication management, health promotion and disease prevention services.
  • Collaborating with other health care providers and key stakeholders to optimize health outcomes for Canadians.
  • Being the trusted source of education, information, tools and resources to support safe and effective medication use and optimal drug therapy outcomes.