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Canadian Pharmacists Association Logo
Canadian Pharmacists Association Logo

Opioid Crisis
Information and resources.

Health Accord
CPhA outlines priorities in letter to Minister of Health.

Pharmacy Thought Leadership Summit
Report now available.

Drug Interaction
CPhA's drug and therapeutic content can be easily integrated into any electronic medical system

Therapeutics for Minor Ailments
New edition now available.

Products for Minor Ailments
New edition now available.

New Minor Ailments Program
Assessing and prescribing for minor ailments.

Canadian Pharmacists Journal
CPJ is the voice of pharmacy practice research in Canada.

Health Accord
CPhA urges federal, provincial and territorial governments to continue Health Accord negotiations.

Marijuana Task Force Report
CPhA pleased Task Force recommends continued access to medical cannabis.

CPhA Blog
What goes on behind the counter, anyway?

Pharmacy in Canada