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RxTx 3 for PEBC Pharmacist Qualifying Examination Preparation

Use RxTx to Prepare for PEBC Pharmacist Evaluating Examination


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CPhA's drug and therapeutic products are identified under Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada's (PEBC) reference listings as resources that are helpful in preparing for Pharmacist Evaluating Examination, Pharmacist Qualifying Exam Part I and may be provided as references in stations in Part II of the exam.


See how RxTx helped former students successfully prepare for their exam.

These online products may be purchased individually or bundled together in RxTx 3 at the PEBC candidate discounted price listed above. RxTx 3 integrates all the content from our online drug and therapeutic products into one convenient resource along with other valuable external references.

Pharmacist Evaluating Examination

Pharmacist Qualifying Examination Part I (MCQ)

Pharmacist Qualifying Examination Part II (OSCE)—Reference in Stations

PEBC Candidate Discount

  • Access to RxTx 3, includes CPS, CTC, CTMA and CPMA
  • Price of subscription is $364
  • Subscription term is 6 months

Note: You must provide proof of acceptance for PEBC Evaluating or Qualifying Examination to CPhA prior to the exam date. If unable to provide proof when prompted, you will be charged the difference between the discounted and full RxTx 3 price.

*Terms: Subscription fees paid by Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC) students are non-refundable. CPhA will not refund or credit any portion of a subscription fee paid by PEBC students.

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RxTx 3 includes:


Thousands of Health Canada–approved drug monographs, complemented by more than 160 CPhA monographs, searchable and linked to Health Canada advisories and warnings.
Printable information for the patient handouts, written in plain language to advise patients on safe, effective use of medications.
Full-colour product images, accessed through drug monographs and searchable by appearance.
Clinical tools (e.g., drugs of choice during pregnancy and breastfeeding, drug-food interactions, lab values).
Printable drug monographs that allow you to select and print only the information you need.
Evidence-based treatment options for over 200 common medical conditions, written and peer-reviewed by expert Canadian physicians and pharmacists.
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Easy-to-use algorithms for determining the best course of action.
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Drug tables formatted for quick access to dose, adverse effects, drug interactions and relative costs.
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Comparison tool creates printable custom drug tables and compares them by class or by drug.
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A drug interaction analyzer to provide relevant interaction information.
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Comparative drug costs, calculated for therapeutic condition and length of treatment, help prescribers weigh the economic implications of drug choices for their patients.
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Evidence-based information covering the full spectrum of therapy on more than 140 minor ailment conditions.
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An unrivalled compilation of nonprescription drugs and devices marketed in Canada. Products are conveniently organized into tables to highlight comparative ingredients and features.     Black Button


Jessica Beach
I used RxTx the most when I was studying for the PEBC and OSCE licensing exams. RxTx had exactly the right amount of information I needed without being overwhelming. The fact that this tool is written for and by Canadian pharmacists makes it a unique resource. – Jessica Beach, Kelowna, BC
Tamer Hossameldin
I find it (RxTx) to be one of the best references ever in the pharmaceutical field. It is clearly organized, easy to access and covers all the points you need to know. I found the tables and summary points specifically helpful when preparing for my qualifying and OSCE exam. I still use it every day in my practice at the pharmacy. – Tamer Hossameldin, Calgary, AB
Maitrik Patel
Thanks to RxTx, I am a licensed pharmacist now and I still use it almost 3 to 4 times every day. The new evidence level feature is amazing. It makes me feel more confident about the decisions and recommendations I make and it helps me provide efficient patient care. I recommend RxTx to all students and healthcare providers because I think it is a must have reference for superior patient care. – Maitrik Patel, Moose Jaw, SK
Nikisha Makwana
I used RxTx to help in the preparation of the PEBC exams. It helped me learn and understand common conditions in Canada, focusing on scenarios that may occur, using evidence based medicine to give the patient the best outcome. I would recommend it to colleagues and students as it will help bridge the gap between learning and application in a work setting. – Nikisha Makwana, International Pharmacy Graduate, London, England

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