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Canadian Pharmacists Association
Canadian Pharmacists Association
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Practice Changes Across Canada

Ontario’s Drummond report, aimed at reducing the province’s deficit, spells out several recommendations that affect pharmacy in particular and health care overall. It’s not the only recent development affecting the profession:

  • Alberta Health and Wellness announced pharmacists will be reimbursed for refilling prescriptions. The Ministry also announced a new Remote Pharmacy Access Grant, as well as changes to its generic drug payment policy.
  • The Government of Saskatchewan announced a minor ailments program that will reimburse pharmacists when they fill a prescription drug for mild acne, cold sores or insect bites.  Saskatchewan is the first Canadian province to reimburse pharmacists for minor ailment assessment fees.
  • In Quebec, Bill 41 was unanimously adopted, and will permit pharmacists to extend and adapt prescriptions, order and analyze lab tests, treat a number of specified minor conditions and administer medication for instructional purposes.

While Ontario pharmacists wait to see which Drummond recommendations are incorporated into the next provincial budget, it is encouraging to see patient-centred care becoming a focus in public sector spending.

CPhA and other pharmacy organizations, as well as individual pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, are working towards the Vision for Pharmacy: Optimal drug therapy outcomes for Canadians through patient-centred care. To learn more about policy changes by region check the Blueprint for Pharmacy website and sign up for the Blueprint in Motion newsletter.

Pharmacists’ opportunities to contribute to cost-effective health care delivery are increasing across the country. We’ll keep you posted on these and other developments that affect your daily practice and the pharmacy profession in Canada.

Thanks for joining us,

Phil Emberley,

Director, Pharmacy Innovation