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Canadian Pharmacists Association
Canadian Pharmacists Association
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Drug Shortages: Global Problem Hitting Home

The recent announcement by manufacturer Sandoz that it is suspending production of several drugs has drug supply issues back in the spotlight.

The problem has been increasing in frequency and duration over the past two years. Shortages of active pharmaceutical ingredients, growing global demand and manufacturing problems all contribute to the slowdown and sometimes discontinued production of a variety of prescription drugs.

To give health care practitioners more information on current shortages, CPhA is working with a stakeholder group comprised of representatives from industry, wholesalers and other health provider groups to develop a national drug shortages reporting system

A short-term reporting system is now in place. Pharmacists can check on current and upcoming shortages on the websites Saskatchewan Drug Information Service and Friday PM.  A more robust, more functional system is under development by the Working Group.

If you’d like more information, we have recent media coverage and a webinar explaining the issue in depth.  The Canadian Drug Shortage website has other articles as well.  We’ll keep you posted on other developments as they happen.

Thanks for joining us,

Jeff Morrison,
Director, Government Relations & Public Affairs