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CE Changes Coming

Over the last year, the Canadian Council for Continuing Education in Pharmacy (CCCEP) has been implementing some new standards relating to the accreditation of Continuing Education (CE) programs. Most of these changes are behind the scenes, but pharmacists should be aware of two changes that affect CPhA’s CE programming:

Beginning in July, CCCEP will begin enforcing its standards for accreditation of Continuing Education Certificate Programs. These standards can be found at www.cccep.ca. Only programs that meet the new standards will be able to use the term certificate when describing the program or the document participants receive after completing the program.

What’s the difference between regular CE Programs and CE Certificate Programs? The most important distinctions are that CE Certificate Programs involve applied, work-based learning activities; assess the learner’s performance, proficiency or mastery of the learning objectives, and only award a certificate upon the learners’ demonstration of their mastery of the learning objectives.

New or existing CE programs that do not meet the new standards will be no longer able to award certificates of attendance or completion. No other CE programs may use the term certificate. Instead, participants will receive a letter of attendance, participation or completion verifying the CEUs they have earned.

What does this mean for CPhA’s programs?

We will soon begin providing letters of completion (including CEUs earned) to those who successfully complete our self-directed online and live continuing education, including our QUIT smoking cessation program, Diabetes management course and e-Therapeutics Highlights CE.

The online ADAPT patient care skills development program meets and exceeds the latest standards for CE Certificate Programs. ADAPT includes a certificate assessment process. Participants who are successful will receive a Certificate in Patient Care Skills, in addition to a letter of completion for all the CEUs they have earned.

Questions? Please contact me at 1 800-917-9489 ext. 220 or pemberley@pharmacists.ca.

Thanks for joining us,

Phil Emberley,
Director, Pharmacy Innovation