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CPhA Recommendation Program

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the CPhA Recommendation Program? CPhA’s

Recommendation Program provides a recognized designation for products and services that are designed to assist in pharmacy practice and whose claims have been validated by CPhA in terms of a health benefit for patients.

How does the program work?

Submitting companies must complete an application form for each product or service to be considered for the program and choose one of three levels of participation.

An internal team of staff with appropriate expertise will conduct a risk assessment to evaluate and score each recommendation opportunity in terms of the validity of the specific benefits claimed by the partnering company.

Partnering companies will renew their participation in the program on a yearly basis. CPhA may revoke use of the recommendation if it determines that the product no longer meets the eligibility criteria or that continued use of the recommendation by the partner will negatively impact the CPhA brand and/or the CPhA Recommendation Program brand.

What are the benefits of the program?

For pharmacists:
The program provides reassurance that the product or service meets the stated claims by the partnering company and ensures it has been selected because of its direct benefit to the company’s practice activities and/or health benefit for patients.

For the partnering company:
The program serves to differentiate a company’s product or service in a crowded marketplace by highlighting its validated benefits. It then assists those companies in promoting their product or service to their target market.

For the patient:
The program provides reassurance that the product or service meets the stated claims by the partner and is recommended by industry experts.

What services and products are eligible for consideration in the program?

To be accepted by CPhA’s Recommendation Program, a product or service must benefit pharmacists, health-care practitioners and their patients; align with CPhA’s vision, mission and values; be an established product or service; and have evidence of proven results and/or health benefits.

What products or services are not eligible for consideration?

There are strict criteria in place for products and services that are eligible to receive a recommendation. Diagnostic services, drugs, natural health products and over-the-counter medications are not eligible under the recommendations policy.

How are products and services evaluated for consideration in the program?

A rigorous application and approval process is in place, led by an internal team of staff with appropriate expertise that confirms the validity of the specific benefits claimed by the partnering company.

How will the program roll out?

The program will have an initial “soft launch” with 2–3 participants, after which the program will be assessed before other partnering companies come onboard.

Why are you offering this program?

Pharmacists and other health-care providers have busy practices, often juggling many complex tasks while managing patient care. The program is designed to provide tools and services to help those individuals become more efficient and save time knowing the product or service has already been thoroughly reviewed.

How does CPhA benefit?

The program reasserts our position that pharmacists are the experts in medication and therapeutics in the health-care industry; the awareness of the program will increase the credibility of that position.

What will CPhA do with the revenue received from the program?

Revenue received from the program will help CPhA in supporting additional education and knowledge development for the pharmacy community.