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CPhA Recommendation Program

Bigger Reach, Better Visibility

Who is CPhA?

CPhA brings the world of pharmacy together.

We are the national voice for Canadian pharmacy. Our diverse, centralized community allows health care professionals to connect and collaborate, empowers them with innovative tools and practices, and enables them to achieve their shared goal: improving patient care for all Canadians.

What is a CPhA recommendation?

A CPhA Recommendation provides a recognized designation for products and services that are designed to assist in pharmacy practice, or whose claims have been validated by CPhA in terms of a health benefit for patients.

With so many products and services available, it can be difficult to determine which ones might provide the most value to pharmacists, health care professionals and the patients who need them—and even harder for service providers to stand out in the crowd and see their products reach their full potential.

A recommendation from CPhA amplifies your product or service’s presence in the Canadian marketplace by connecting directly to one of the most trusted authorities for drug product information in Canada. It provides trust and credibility for your product.

Why does a recommendation matter?

Bigger Reach Icon

Bigger Reach
Products and services recommended by CPhA are viewed by hundreds of thousands of pharmacists and health care practitioners across the country.

Reach your target audience in real time through websites, emails, products, webinars, tradeshows, the Canadian Pharmacists Journal, and more.

Better Visibility Icon

Better Visibility
Canadian health care practitioners viewed CPhA’s drug and therapeutic product information 6.4 million times last year.

Raise awareness by communicating the benefits of your product/service directly to the extensive network of health care practitioners who use our drug and therapeutic information on a daily basis.

Greater Recognition Icon

Greater Recognition
The CPhA brand is known across Canada as the national voice for Canadian pharmacy, and is one of the most trusted authorities for drug product information in the country.

Tap into our vast network of key influencers and decision makers in the worlds of pharmacy business, the pharmaceutical industry, government, regulatory affairs, advocacy, academia and more.

There are three levels to the CPhA Recommendation Program.

Level One


Use of "Recommended by CPhA" badge and statement on marketing collateral and packaging.

Promotion on the Recommendations page.

Level Two

In addition to Level One benefits, includes:

Annual endorsement email to your product or service’s target audience.

Annual survey to all Canadian pharmacists through CPhA.

Level Three

In addition to Level One and Level Two benefits, includes:

Promotion and production of Introductory Product Webinar (average registration: 250 live, 250 archived).

We can create a custom package to help you promote and sell your products and services.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the CPhA Recommendation Program, your product or service must:

Program Benefits Icon

Benefit pharmacists, health care practitioners and their patients.

Program align Icon

Align with CPhA’s vision, mission and values.

Program established product Icon

Be an established product or service for the basic program.

Program Evidence Icon

Have evidence of proven results and/or health benefits.

How the Program Works


Once submitted, your product or service will be subject to a rigorous review process to ensure it meets eligibility criteria.

The submitting partner must complete an application form for each product/service. To be considered for the Recommendation program, a committee, lead by an internal team of staff with appropriate expertise, will review the opportunity for fit and adherence to required criteria.

How To Apply


Review this guide and complete the included application form. Applicants must pay $1,500 to submit a request for a recommendation.

Each product or service by an organization require separate submissions.


CPhA will review for fit and adherence to criteria.


Once we have completed reviewing your application, we will notify you if we can proceed and will begin formal discussions on your needs and required outcomes. A recommendation proposal will then be prepared for you.


Program Renewed Icon

Use of the CPhA Recommendation logo and statement can be renewed annually.

Program Change Icon

Organizations must inform CPhA when there are significant changes to the endorsed product or service.

Program Revoke Icon

CPhA may also revoke use of the recommendation if CPhA determines that the product no longer meets the eligibility criteria, or if CPhA deems that continued use of the recommendation by the partner will negatively impact the CPhA brand and/or the CPhA recommendation brand.

Program Cease Icon

Once CPhA revokes use of the CPhA recommendation, organizations must make reasonable efforts to cease using the CPhA recommendation on its packaging and in advertising.

Find out more about the CPhA Recommendations Program. Let’s discuss!

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