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FAQs on Registration, Login Options, Access Issues and more... (français)

How do I log in?

If you have previously registered on the CPhA web site, enter your username and password and select the product that you are activating.

If you are logging in for the first time and you are an individual activating a single license subscription for personal use, go here for more information.

If you are logging in for the first time and represent an organization activating a shared or multi-license subscription then you should have received an email from CPhA Customer Service with your default username and password.   Enter the default values and follow the instructions to establish a new username and password.  If you did not receive any information from Customer Service please email us.

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I am currently a member or customer of CPhA but have not registered on the CPhA web site (and do not know my username and password), what should I do?

You have three options:

  1. Your login information is preset to default values based on your membership, subscriber or customer number.  If you are a member please refer to your CPhA Membership Card.  If you are a subscriber your default username and password should have been emailed to you by CPhA Customer Service.  If you are a customer please refer to your last CPhA statement or invoice.   Your username is actually your membership, subscriber or customer number and your password is the first three letters of your last name (case sensitive) plus your membership, subscriber or customer number; see examples below:

    If your membership/subscriber/customer number is 0012345 and your last name is Smith:

    • your username is 0012345
    • your password is Smi0012345 (not smi0012345 or SMI0012345) - note that the first letter is capitalized, the next two letters are not

    If your membership/subscriber/customer number is 0022345 and your last name is McDonald:

    • your username is 0022345
    • your password is McD0022345 (not mcd0022345 or MCD0022345) - note that the first and third letters are capitalized, the second letter is not

  2. NOTE: When you log in for the first time using these default values you will be required to establish a new username and password.

  3. Call this toll-free number between the hours of 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. EST: 1-800-917-9489.

  4. Email us at Customer Service

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What options do I have for accessing my subscription?

You have two options:

  1. Manual login:  This option requires a subscriber to enter a username and password that they have established when registering for CPS e-Suite or RxTx.  IMPORTANT: If you are a member or customer of CPhA, and have previously registered or purchased a product on the CPhA web site then you already have a username and password.  The username and password that you set on the CPhA web site is the same username and password that you would use to access your subscription.  

  2. Automatic login:  This option is available to both individuals and organizations.  You can create your own automatic login file with the username and password that you established on the CPhA web site.  When you access this file you are logged in to the product portal, bypassing the Login page.  This option allows the subscriber to retain control of their username and password and gives them the flexibility of being able to login manually or automatically.    Store this HTML file in a secure place and provide a link for your users to access it.   The text box below contains a sample HTML script that you can copy to your favourite plain text or HTML editor.  Add your username, password and product code between the quotes where indicated and save the file with an htm extension.

    NOTE:  The subscription product codes are:

    • ECPS if you are subscribed to CPS e-Suite
    • ET if you are subscribed to Therapeutic Choices e-Suite
    • ETP if you are subscribed to RxTx Option 2

    If you are subscribed to more than one product, you can create multiple automatic login files, each with a different product code value.

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Do CPS e-Suite and RxTx authenticate by IP address?

A username and password are required to authenticate subscription information and provide access to both CPS e-Suite and RxTx.  However, additional IP security is available upon request.  CPhA's IP security feature is independent of the login and authentication process.  It provides an extra layer of security.  It can be configured to accept a range of IP addresses (maximum of 100 ranges) or a list of individual IP addresses (maximum of 200).  To implement this security it is necessary for the subscribing organization to provide CPhA with the IP address or range that they will be using to access their subscription.  Any attempts to access their subscription from a source that does not match the given range will be rejected.

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We use EZproxy for remote access.  Will it work with CPS e-Suite and RxTx?

The Canadian Pharmacists Association requires EZproxy 3.2a (2005-03-28) or later along with the following database definition to ezproxy.cfg:

      Option DomainCookieOnly
      Title Canadian Pharmacists Association
      URL -Form=post -RewriteHost your-ProductCode!ut/p/.cmd/li
      FormVariable loginname=your-Username
      FormVariable loginpassword=your-Password
      FormVariable product=your-ProductCode
      Option Cookie

Subscribers to RxTx should add DJ to the ezproxy.cfg definition to insure that the Lexi-Interact site is also recognized by the proxy.  Including this URL in the EZProxy configuration file will allow the Drug Interactions tab, which displays the Lexi-Interact application, to function as expected.

In this example, replace your-Username with your organization's username, your-Password with your organization's password and your-ProductCode with your organization's subscription product code.

The starting point URL for this database definition will look like: replacing with the name and port of your own EZproxy server.  >NOTE: You must also perform SSL configuration to enable https proxying.

For more information, and to see examples of each configuration, please visit OCLC's posting on EZproxy support for Canadian Pharmacists Association or email OCLC at

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What products are available for subscription?

There are three products:

  1. CPS e-Suite - CPS e-Suite provides instant, point-of-care access to the most current and comprehensive online Canadian drug information.
  2. Therapeutic Choices e-Suite - Combining CPhA's esteemed Therapeutic Choices, Lexi-Comp'sTM Lexi-InteractTM and more, Therapeutic Choices is a set of clinical decision support tools for Canadian primary health care practitioners.
  3. RxTx Option 2 - RxTx Option 2 is a combination of all the features of Therapeutic Choices e-Suite plus the award winning CPS e-Suite, making it a comprehensive set of clinical decision support tools for Canadian primary health care practitioners.

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Restrictions on establishing a username and password.

You can no longer have a blank space, accented (French) character or certain special characters in your username or password.  The special characters that are no longer acceptable include + = ; < > / \ and , (comma).   If have previously established a username or password containing any of these restricted characters then you should log in, go to the My Profile area and change your username and password.

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Subscriptions for organizations or groups.

Subscribing to products through this site is intended for individuals purchasing for their own use.   If you represent an organization wanting to purchase multiple licenses or you represent a group wanting to purchase a single license to share, please contact CPhA at 1-800-917-9489 or email us to inquire about our pricing and access options for organizations and shared licenses.   Once you have purchased your shared or organization subscription, you can use this registration page to activate the new subscription.

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What does "activate" a subscription mean?

Activation is the last step in the registration process for your subscription.   For organizations or shared subscriptions this usually involves establishing a new username and password, and then reviewing and accepting the Service Agreement.  For individuals it usually involves just the review and acceptance of the Service Agreement.

After accepting the Service Agreement there is a transition period during which your subscription informaton is created on the RxTx portal.  This transition period is approximately 10 minutes, after which your subscription will be fully activated and you can log in directly on the portal.

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I'm getting the message "Internet Explorer has restricted this file from showing active content that could access your computer".  What do I do?

This message is known to occur if you are using an automatic login file which is stored on your local hard drive and your computer's OS is Windows XP.   Windows XP Service Pack 2 has changed its security affecting web pages running locally on your computer.   The simplest workaround without affecting the overall security of your system is to add the "Mark of the Web" comment at the beginning of the HTML code.  

To accomplish this, edit your HTML automatic login file and add the following comment line after the <html> tag in the file:

       <!-- saved from url=(0025) -->

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