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Canadian Pharmacists Association
Canadian Pharmacists Association
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Medication Assessment and Management for Shoppers Drug Mart

(formerly known as Medication Review Services)

Learn how to provide high quality medication assessment and management services to your patients and earn 8 CEUs with our newly revised and updated continuing professional development program.

As a special offer exclusively available to Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacists, you can register for only $90 plus tax, saving 50% off the regular price.

Pharmacists need both the skills and confidence to embrace expanded scope of practice and provide reimbursed services to their patients. The continuing professional development programs & courses from the Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPhA) help pharmacists transition to expanded service and offer more in their daily practice, and we are pleased to offer Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacists special discounts to facilitate their learning.

Program Outline and Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this two-part Continuing Education Certificate course, you will be able to:

  1. Describe the three main components of Medication Reviews: Medication Assessment, Care Plan, and follow up evaluation.
  2. Identify essential information to elicit for a Medication Assessment.
  3. Reflect on a systematic approach for identifying drug-therapy problems (DTPs).
  4. Identify and describe the components of a Care Plan and a follow up evaluation.
  5. Develop a written Care Plan for a patient scenario including solution focused suggestions, monitoring, and a follow-up plan.
  6. Use criteria to self-assess the completeness and effectiveness of a Care Plan.
  7. Reflect on how a Care Plan can be implemented in the community pharmacy practice setting.
  8. Reflect on elements of successful communication and collaboration with other health care professionals as it pertains to Medication Review/Medication Assessment.
  9. List essential components of a documentation note in a Medication Review/Medication Assessment.
  10. Complete a written documentation note for a patient scenario.
  11. Utilize criteria to self-assess the effectiveness of a documentation note.
  12. Identify steps for further learning and available resources to complete Medication Reviews efficiently and effectively and develop an Action Plan to address further learning.

Modules include:

  • Module 1: Assessing, Identifying DTPs and Developing Care Plans (5 CEUs)
  • Module 2: Implementing Care Plans and Documentation (3 CEUs)

Accreditation and Completion Requirements

This two-module course has been accredited as a continuing education certificate course under file #8002-2016-1789 for 8.0 CEUs by the Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPhA), a CCCEP-approved accredited provider. To earn the continuing education certificate for each module, participants must complete all module requirements including all quizzes, written assignments, self-assessments and self-reflective activities. Complete details on these items are provided within the course.

Participants who achieve the certificates of completion may state that they hold a:

  • Continuing Education Certificate in Medication Assessment and Management: Module 1 (Assessing, Identifying DTPs and Developing Care Plans)
  • Continuing Education Certificate in Medication Assessment and Management: Module 2 (Implementing Care Plans and Documentation)

The course certificates do not provide participants with professional certification credentials.


This self-directed online course is available up until its accreditation expiry date of June 24, 2018. Annual accreditation renewal is expected. We recommend you complete the course within 90 days of registration.

System Requirements

This is a computer-based online course and operates on the UW LEARN platform. You will need:

  •  A desktop or laptop/notebook computer; the course is not optimized for  tablets or smartphones
  •  High-speed Internet access
  •  Recommended Internet browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer 9, Safari
  •  Soundcard and speakers or headphones
  •  Adobe Acrobat Reader
  •  Adobe Flash

For more information run a test of your computer system.

Tools and resources

Check out our supplementary free webinar archive presentation on Implementing Medication Reviews in Your Busy Pharmacy; part of our on going Pharmacy Practice Webinar Series (unaccredited).