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Medication Assessment and Management Prospectus & FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?
Medication Assessment and Management is an online, 8.0 CEU continuing education certificate course designed to quickly enhance pharmacists’ skills, knowledge and confidence in providing medication assessment, medication review, care plan development and related medication management services in their community pharmacy,  that meet or exceed the provincial requirements. For more information on learning objectives, content and authors please see the course prospectus.

What do you mean by a medication review or a medication assessment?
In this course, we use the term “medication review” and "medication assessment" to describe the entire patient-centred process of assessing a patient's medications and health conditions, identifying drug therapy problems developing a care plan and conducting necessary follow-up. In the terminology of the course, medication assessment is but one step of a comprehensive medication review service. Depending on your province or territory of practice, different terminology may be used to describe services, which can range from medication reconciliation or basic medication reviews, to assessment and follow-up as part of a comprehensive annual care plan.

Who should take it?
The course is designed for community pharmacists who wish to be more effective and efficient at providing medication assessments, medication reviews, care plans and related medication management services. As Canada's population ages and more patients are being prescribed more complex medications the ability to assess the effectiveness of your patients' medication therapy and identify drug related problems is becoming increasingly important.

What’s the difference between this course and the ADAPT program?
This course is an abridged version of some of the basic content from ADAPT Course 1: Medication Assessment and Collaboration.


A comprehensive practice change program comprised of 4 discrete courses that perfect your expertise in the entire spectrum of skills required for effective medication management and patient-centred care

Prepares pharmacists for range of expanded scope activities (including prescribing) and reimbursable professional services

A focused CE program that targets the skill set required to deliver effective medication review services.

Designed for pharmacists in any practice setting

Peer-based group learning with groups of pharmacists from across the country, supported by coaches & mentors

Assessment of performance, knowledge and skills by peers, instructors and other health providers

Assessment of performance, knowledge and skills by peers, instructors and other health providers

Each of the 4 courses in the entire program are scheduled, last for 4 to 6 weeks

Entire program is over 100 hours of accredited learning

Required in-practice activities

Medication Assessment and Management

Prepares pharmacists for provincially reimbursable medication assessment and medication review services

Designed for community pharmacists

Self-directed course; no instructors or classmates

Self-assessment of knowledge and skills

Sel- directed; complete at your own pace

8 hours of accredited learning

Optional in-practice activities


How is it customized by province?
Many provinces and jurisdictions reimburse pharmacies for the provision of medication review and medication assessment services. The MedsCheck program in Ontario, the SMAP program in Saskatchewan, the SMMA program in Alberta and the PharmaCheck program in Newfoundland are just some examples. Our course includes links and resources for reimbursable services in each province. We encourage you to use the documentation templates and follow the requirements for your province while completing this program.  For provinces where no documentation templates exist, we provide examples.

How is the course organized?
The course is broken down into two modules; the first focuses on Assessing, Identifying DTPs and Developing Care Plans; the second focuses Implementing Care Plans and Documentation. Each module has a series of lecture presentations, clinical video scenarios, written assignments for submission and in-progress quizzes.

What do I get when I’m done?
Each module has been accredited as a continuing education certificate by the Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPhA), a CCCEP-approved accredited provider. To earn the continuing education certificate for each module, participants must complete all module requirements including all quizzes, written assignments, self-assessments and self-reflective activities. Complete details on these items are provided within the course.

Participants who achieve the certificates of completion may state that they hold:

  • A Continuing Education Certificate in Medication Assessment and Management:
    Module 1 (Assessing, Identifying DTPs and Developing Care Plans) and
  • A Continuing Education Certificate in Medication Assessment and Management:
    Module 2 (Implementing Care Plans and Documentation)

The course certificates do not provide participants with professional certification credentials.

How long is the course? When does it start? Is there a schedule or can I work at my own pace?
There are 8 hours of accredited learning in the course. Participants typically finish the course over a month, breaking their work into several 2-3 hour long chunks. You can start the course as soon as you have registered and received your username and password and it will be accessible to you until its stated accreditation expiry date.  While you may work at your own pace, there is a recommended sequential learning pathway to follow so that new activities build on the work you’ve completed in prior activities.

Are the modules offered separately?
No. Purchasing the course gives you access to all modules (and other content) at once; modules cannot be purchased separately.

What materials or resources are provided?
You can download and print PDFs of all lecture slide decks, handouts and practice tools provided in the course. In addition, we encourage you to bookmark, download or otherwise save the documentation templates and guidelines that pertain to medication review assessment and review services in your jurisdiction. All rights, including copyright, images, slides, audio, and video components, of the content of this course are owned by the Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPhA), except where pre-existing copyright applies.

Is it available in French?
Not at the present time.

How is this course affiliated with the University of Waterloo?
The Centre for Extended Learning (CEL) at the University of Waterloo (UW) currently delivers this course for CPhA through their online UW LEARN learning management system, and contributes ongoing maintenance, registration and technical support. However, this course is not a credit course at the University, and your performance in the course has no impact on your University of Waterloo academic record.

What are the technical system requirements?
This is a computer-based online course and operates on the UW LEARN platform. You will need:

  • A desktop or laptop/notebook computer; the course is not optimized for tablets or smartphones
  • High-speed Internet access
  • Recommended Internet browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer 9, Safari
  • Soundcard and speakers or headphones
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Adobe Flash

For more information, you can run a test of your computer system.