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Therapeutic Highlights CE Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will I have access to the entire RxTx (formerly e-Therapeutics) application as part of this program? If not, how do I subscribe to RxTx?
    Opening each Highlight gives you access to the complete chapter for two (2) months from the date of the email. If you would like continuous access to the full therapeutic content please visit www.pharmacists.ca/rxtx to subscribe.
  2. How do I earn CEUs for reviewing the Highlights?
    The email you receive will include the learning objectives for each highlight. Please review the learning objectives before clicking on the link. The link will take you to the highlighted section of the chapter and give you access to the entire chapter for review. Once you click on the “Earn CEUs” button in the Highlight, a short reflective learning questionnaire will open in a new window. Each completed questionnaire (limit one per Highlight) will qualify for 0.25 CEU.
  3. Do I have to do anything to identify myself to earn CEUs when I complete a questionnaire?
    No. The personalized link in your email will recognize your CPhA member information and log you into the system automatically.
  4. Is the e-Therapeutics Highlights CE program CCCEP-accredited?
    Yes. This program is accredited under program 8002-2016-1884-I-P. The Canadian Council on Continuing Education in Pharmacy (CCCEP) has approved CPhA as an Accredited Provider of continuing education.
  5. How do I view my CEUs?
    There are two (2) ways to view your completed CEUs:

    a) The Therapeutic Highlights CE email contains a link to the CPhA Learning Portfolio. Select the link and enter your first and last names and the email address we have on file to open and display your personal portfolio. (Note: Fields are case-sensitive.)

    b) Directly after submitting the questionnaire you will be taken to a new window where you will receive confirmation that your questionnaire was submitted. Click “Access my CPhA Learning Portfolio” to automatically log in and view your completed CEUs.
  6. How do I report my CEUs?
    Once you have logged in to the CPhA Learning Portfolio you will be able to view all of the CEUs you have earned. You can generate a PDF report by date range to submit to the appropriate reporting body. Credits are added as you complete subsequent questionnaires.
  7. Can I add other continuing education program CEUs into the CPhA Learning Portfolio?
    At this time only Therapeutic Highlights CE can be tracked in the CPhA Learning Portfolio.
  8. Why have I been redirected to the login page when I haven't submitted my questionnaire? What happened to the answers I was working on?
    RxTx (formerly e-Therapeutics+) automatically logs out after 30 minutes of inactivity. The CE questionnaire automatically logs out after two (2) hours of inactivity and unsubmitted answers cannot be recovered.  If you are automatically logged out of the system, relaunch the questionnaire from the Therapeutic Highlights CE email and re-enter your answers, ensuring that you submit your questionnaire within the two (2) hour timeframe.

  9. Can I complete a questionnaire more than once?
    You can complete the questionnaire as many times as you like, however, you can only earn 0.25 CEUs for each topic.

  10. Why does my Learning Portfolio show 0 CEUs, even though I have completed a questionnaire?
    You need to select a date range and click “Report” to display the CEUs that you have earned.

  11. I lost this week’s Therapeutic Highlight. Can I still complete the questionnaire?
    No. Therapeutic Highlights CE is only available via personalized email to CPhA affiliates and associates. The emails cannot be resent.

  12. Can my friend earn CEUs if I forward an email?
    No. Therapeutic Highlights CE is an exclusive benefit for CPhA affiliates and associates

  13. What is the blue SORT (A, B or C) text at the end of the green text in each highlight?
    The Strength of Recommendation Taxonomy (SORT) system rates the quality of evidence in support of therapeutic recommendations. Please click on the blue SORT link in the highlight for more information about the system and definitions.

More questions?
Please contact  Customer Service by email or phone at 1-800-917-9489 ext. 501.