Exclusive CMA Member Benefit: RxTx Mobile App

RxTx Mobile App gives you quick access to information on thousands of drugs and listings, and condition information. The content is available in English and French and is updated regularly. It is fully searchable and available on your iOS and Android devices–online or off.

Content includes CPS (Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties) information which consists of Health Canada-approved drug monographs, indications, formulations, doses and quick-reference clinical tools. In addition, access common condition information from CTC (Compendium of Therapeutic Choices) and CTMA (Compendium of Therapeutics for Minor Ailments) which addresses critical questions that require objective evidence using Canadian guidelines while providing unbiased practical information. CTC covers hundreds of common major primary-care conditions (e.g., Lyme Disease, Heart failure), while CTMA provides guidance on how to manage and triage your patients’ minor ailments (e.g., Fever, Conjunctivitis).

As a bonus, you will also have access to Drug Choices (Tx) which allows you to check doses, adverse effects, drug interactions and relative cost for over 2200 drugs for over 200 medical conditions.

Please note: You are being provided complimentary CPS, Therapeutic Content (CTC and CTMA) and Drug Choices (DC) as long you are a CMA member in good standing.

Video: Learn about the content and features of the RxTx Mobile App in this video

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The Canadian Standard for Drug Monographs

Blue Canadian Maple LeafCANADIAN Contains unparalleled Canadian-specific content available in both official languages, including drug monographs, indications, formulations and doses.

Blue Comprehensive LogoCOMPREHENSIVE Includes information on more than 2000 products, a comprehensive cross-referenced index of generic and brand names.

Blue Current LogoCURRENT Over 50% of the content is updated every year. New drug information and evolving medical conditions make access to current information critical to the safety and efficacy of your patients' drug therapy.