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CPhA Community

Welcome to CPhA's Online Community!

Primary Care Pharmacy Specialty Network (PC-PSN)
Jointly hosted by CPhA and the Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists (CSHP), the Primary Care PSN is an innovative approach to knowledge transfer, allowing pharmacists to support one another through online discussions and an extensive website that includes tools, useful links, clinical information and literature relevant to primary care pharmacy practice. The PSN is very active, with registered members providing mentorship and support to colleagues for everything from clinical questions to workflow and document management. EXCLUSIVELY open to CPhA associates/affiliates and CSHP members.

Be Social With Us!
CPhA has many communities available through social media. Follow us on Twitter (@CPhAAPhC), Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn, where we have both a company page for regular updates and a discussion group called Canadian Pharmacists you can join.

Also on Facebook, you can connect with pharmacists across Canada and discuss the successes and challenges of being a new pharmacist on CPhA's New Practitioners Facebook group. While you're there, visit the Canadian Pharmacists Journal Facebook page for the latest pharmacy news and research from your peer-reviewed forum for patient-centred practice.

CPhA Blog
Join the conversation as we explore issues relating to pharmacy, initiatives we're pursuing on behalf of pharmacists and innovations occurring in our profession.

Breastfeeding Practice Interest Network (Breastfeeding PIN)
The CPhA Breastfeeding and Infant Nutrition list-serve provides sharing of news, information, upcoming education opportunities, breastfeeding issues, new research on medications in breastmilk and other topics for pharmacists with a particular interest in the support of breastfeeding families in Canada. The list-serve is open to pharmacists in any specialty area where young families are encountered and opportunities arise to protect, promote and support of breastfeeding.
JOIN NOW! Contact Jennifer Peddlesden for more information.

QUIT Forum
Looking to network with other pharmacists on the topic of smoking cessation? Join CPha's Canadian Pharmacists LinkedIn Group. Questions? Contact: quit@pharmacists.ca

Diabetes Forum
Want to discuss your diabetes work with others in your profession? We have created a closed LinkedIn Group called Canadian Pharmacists as a space for you to network and share information. The CPhA team will control access to the group. Check it out at Canadian Pharmacists LinkedIn Group.

News, Events & Blogs

Resources for CPhA Community

November 17, 2011
Professional Development

Take charge of your future today and enroll in one of our high-quality professional development programs.

Tags: Professional Development
November 28, 2011
Practice Tools and Resources

Deliver front-line patient care with confidence using CPhA's patient care tools and resources.

November 4, 2013
Pharmacy Practice Research

CPhA is a strong advocate for pharmacy practice research in Canada.


Conference Registration Now Open

Join us in Ottawa May 28-31 for the Canadian Pharmacists Conference 2015, cohosted with OPA.

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Need for Optimal Drug Therapy Confirmed

Patented Medicine Prices Review Board report confirms the need for a refocus on optimal drug therapy in Canada.

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Product Updates

CPS 2015

CPS: The Canadian standard for drug monographs.

The 2015 edition is now available.

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