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Member Benefits

Successfully navigate the shifting landscape of the pharmacy profession by joining your national association. As a CPhA member or affiliate, you have access to a wide variety of tools and resources to support you in your everyday practice. Our advocacy efforts with governments ensure that pharmacists are heard when decisions are being made about the future of health care in Canada.

Select a member or affiliate category below to review your specific benefits and Join now

  • Pharmacist member: Pharmacists licensed to practice pharmacy in Canada and/or holding a professional degree in pharmacy from a PEBC-recognized school of pharmacy.
  • New Practitioner member: Pharmacists who have held a Canadian pharmacist licence for five years or less.
  • Student affiliate: Undergraduate, entry-level PharmD, graduate or IPG students enrolled in a recognized bridging program. 
  • Supporting affiliate: Non-pharmacists who support the goals and objectives of CPhA.
  • Corporate member: Corporations that support the goals and objectives of CPhA.

Joint Membership: CPhA members can join the American Pharmacists Association (APhA) for 50% off

Why do I belong to CPhA?

Diane Lamarre CPhACPhA is an organization that makes pharmacists across Canada aware of evolving roles and responsibilities in each province.  They contribute to developing a new image of the pharmacy and support it through their work with the Blueprint for Pharmacy. A lot of the expanded scope we see now in our practice has been supported by CPhA. – Diane Lamarre, 2013 Canadian Pharmacist of the Year