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ADAPT Patient Care Skills Development

Elevate Your Practice to the Next Level of Patient Care


New format coming soon! Sessions starting August 2015. Notify me when details are available.

Transform your ability to manage your patients’ medication therapy with ADAPT, an innovative, Certificate-level, skills development program. ADAPT delivers evidence-based content from leading experts in an interactive online learning environment.

What do we mean by "interactive, online learning"? You will work through the online assignments, lectures, readings and discussions according to a weekly schedule, for the entire duration of the program. You will need to devote at least 5-6 hours of time to ADAPT, spread out over each week to meet these milestones. But you are never alone: you will experience the program as part of a group of 15 pharmacists, all guided by a pair of expert moderators. The pharmacists in your learning group will become your vitual classmates and you will connect frequently via online discussion forums. Take the self-assessment for more information.




ADAPT increases your confidence and experience in integrating new patient care skills, processes and tools into your everyday practice, including:

  • Conducting thorough medication assessments
  • Collaborating successfully with other health care providers
  • Interviewing and assessing your patients (incorporating physical assessment and laboratory data)
  • Making evidence-based clinical decisions
  • Using validated documentation practices to support patient care
  • Developing and implementing care plans

ADAPT includes 7 online modules, each lasting 2-4 weeks. The entire program lasts 19-22 weeks (including 1 or more weeks of study break, depending on the time of year). The entire ADAPT program has been accredited as a Certificate level program. In addition to CEUs, participants may challenge a voluntary assessment process to receive their Certificate in Patient Care Skills.

[ADAPT] is the most in-depth continuing education program I have ever been a part of. It results in a significant change in your practice...the things you learn in the ADAPT course...equip you to be able to respond to new changes in practice as they evolve. (ADAPT Student)

What makes ADAPT unique?

  • Systematic processes. ADAPT trains pharmacists to employ new skills systematically, with standardized tools and processes for medication assessments, patient interviews, care plans, and documentation.
  • A new way of learning. ADAPT participants trial their new skills, processes and tools in their day-to-day practice, incrementally enhancing and transforming their own practice over the duration of the program.
  • Peer-to-peer mentoring. Every step of the way, participants receive practical, timely feedback and assessment from pharmacy peers on their application of knowledge and skills.
  • Expert moderators. Rigourously trained in the new art of online facilitation, ADAPT moderators expertly guide participants through the program, making the necessary connections between theory and practice.
  • And so much more. See what our participants are saying, or review the latest research on ADAPT.

ADAPT connected me with other Canadian pharmacists taking the initiative to stand for their value, their expertise and their profession. One stirring quote I noted recently from a patient was "Thank-you. I have been waiting for someone to help me this way for decades." (ADAPT Student)

What would you like to do now?



Each online module of the ADAPT program has been accredited by the Canadian Pharmacists Association (a CCCEP approved accredited provider). Participants must complete a minimum of 70% of the learning activities of each module in order to obtain their CEUs for each module. The entire ADAPT program has been accredited as a Certificate level program. In addition to earning CEUs, participants may challenge a voluntary assessment process to receive their Certificate in Patient Care Skills.

Funded in part by Health Canada under the Health Care Policy Contribution Program. Course material developed in collaboration with the Canadian Pharmacists Association and the Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists.